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Tax, Tactics and Trials – the trilogy of things to do before 30 June

Do you leave things, especially tedious administrative or financial tasks, until the last minute? Will you get to the 30th of June and suddenly realise that it’s the last day to call your accountant or do whatever you need to for that tax deduction or benefit? With the end of the financial year fast approaching you’ll see marketing campaigns and …

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Best investment Gurus – BiG Launch

Just an indulgent post celebrating the launch of at Esca, Glenelg Wednesday 15 May 2013. Thanks to George and the fabulous staff for their as usual excellent service – and fabulous food. Over 50 people joined us; my thanks to everyone who did, and to those who sent congratulations. We’d love you to explore our site: leave comments; recommend …

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How to choose investment vehicles (Part 1): Shares v Property?

One of the most common questions investors agonise over is whether to invest in shares, property, or a combination of both. Usually people have their investing favourites and biases. Financial planners and advisers will try and get an idea of your: investing time frame personal preferences risk profile goals Below are some of the planning tools freely available that will help …

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Secrets, Success and Seminars – what would Branson and Bouris know?

  Sir Richard Branson answered the million dollar question again in Adelaide this week. What’s your tip or secret to building a successful business?  It’s simply this he replied  “just take something that isn’t being done very well and do it better”. At the same event and in part from insights from Kerry Packer, Mark Bouris said “there are no …

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