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What I do and why this site …

For many years I’ve been actively searching for the best investing information and advice around. I realised it’s not as easy as you may think! There had to be a better way! Often you look for some  form of guru – someone you can model, or who will just make the decisions for you! I decided to build a place where investors could find great investment advice and advisers, actually take steps to improve their lifestyle and build a more secure future. So andreadavies.com.au and my company (Best investment Gurus P/L ‘BiG’) were born.

I’m independent, impartial and transparent.

I find and collate investing information, experience, advice and advisers (‘gurus’) – of ours and other investors.

I review the information and rate the gurus using a Traffic Light™ system.

I also created our BiG Directory™ of ancillary services – to help you find and recommend other providers. We encourage  investors to visit and share your investing experiences.

My goal is to give you better investing information and more choices. So you can make quicker and smarter investing decisions, and be much more likely to take action.

My goal is to help you find not only the ‘who’s who’ in the investing world – but your Best investment Gurus!

My Story #1 the short version!

How a girl from a small country town moved from being a nurse, lawyer, MBA and lecturer to building an independent,  successful life – free of time sheets!

Growing up in Pt Augusta (a medium sized country South Australian town) with people renown for their frankness and ‘no BS’ mentality,  I often didn’t follow expected norms.

From early entrepreneurial beginnings with my own cordial and comic stall (at the age of 8!) – I also developed an interest in people, business, investing and travel.

Apart from formal qualifications – Registered Nurse, Lawyer (LLB Adelaide University and GDLP SAIT), MBA (University of SA), Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment – I also have a wealth of practical experience:

  • Supported myself through university working as a registered nurse in numerous hospitals and nursing homes around Adelaide and at Pt Augusta
  • Supreme Court judge’s associate
  • Legal practice in general commercial litigation
  • Training Manager of a large legal practice
  • Work at a community legal service
  • Over 13 years lecturing, training, and workplace assessment in Management, Real Estate, Marketing, and Business Law. Adapting documentation for TAFE SA for real estate industry qualifications and online delivery.
  • Over 20 years researching investing options in businesses, real estate, shares, superannuation and wealth creation generally
  • Built a substantial property portfolio and, together with my husband Greg (who has over 28  years of commercial law and legal practice management experience), set up and manage our own self- managed superannuation fund
  • Extensive travel and living overseas, and throughout Australia

If you don’t like it – change it!

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from spending time with people from such a diversity of cultures and backgrounds, especially while caring for patients while nursing; is that many people are so busy surviving from day to day that they aren’t living the life of their dreams. The chance to care for many people as their lives were ending in particular, taught me the value of life and of doing as many things of importance to me as humanly possible.

Are you living the life you want? Do you have a bucket list?  Are you working through the list now – or will you do that later? My life is about always looking for different ways of doing and ‘fixing’ things (dad was a fitter and turner so many hours were spent following him around ‘helping’  fix stuff!). I question and change, wherever possible, situations which aren’t working – for me and others. Helping others find happiness, which often revolves around money and investing success – is one of my passions. I love to listen to others and share insights, tips and mistakes on who, why what, how and when to invest, or not, to invest.

Why research and self educate yourself into paralysis – just do it!

Most people want to change their lives but are often fearful and overwhelmed with information and choice. So, often you don’t get around to making a personal or financial plan, let alone implementing one. I have seen many time poor professionals resort to using financial advisers or strategies that outwardly successful friends or peers use. Often this turns out not to be their best choice.

So I want to leverage my experiences and that of others and help you find a quicker path to investing success,  find your Best investment Gurus, make some great personal and financial  investments, and find the courage to build and live, not only a great bucket list, but lifestyle too.

 My Story #2 the longer version!

Who am I?

I grew up in Port Augusta a South Australian country town – where its ‘salt of the earth’ people are renowned for their frankness and ‘no BS’ mentality. Core values include – being transparent, trustworthy, direct, compassionate and caring, and with a strong sense of community. But, with a healthy irreverence for expected norms and social hierarchies. Fiercely independent, adventurous, and curious about what makes people and society work – my life is about people. Having as many great adventures, experiences and relationships that you can – helping and connecting people – is my passion. I have been fortunate enough to do many of these things in many professional careers – nurse, lawyer (commercial legal practice, Supreme Court Judge’s associate) , MBA , Legal training manager, Lecturer for over 13 years (Law, Business, Management, Real estate). Extensive travel around Australia and the world (including working in Switzerland and backpacking around Europe and the USA)  – to truly engage with, and learn from, people, their cultures and beliefs.

My husband Greg (25 years of wonderful marriage since 1988) and I are fortunate to have two fantastic, independent and loving grown up kids.

Why Best investment Gurus P/L (‘BiG’) and andreadavies.com.au?

Like many of you, throughout  my adult life I’ve had a keen interest in investing – in people, wealth creation, businesses, real estate, shares and superannuation.

In 2003 my darling dad died of prostate cancer. Although honoured to have been able, together with mum and my sister to nurse him at home, I wondered how I’d cope without him. After stumbling onto an Anthony Robbins infomercial at 3 am (if you can’t change it don’t dwell on it – move on!), and a financial planner friend suggested I read Robert Kyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad (why work for someone and trade your life for a ‘j.o.b.’!) – I quit work two days later!

After a few months of investing: seminars, books, DVDs – real estate, shares, CFDs, options; the guru who showed the devotees how to break an arrow with our neck; the guarantees that mean nothing (ASIC and the ACCC did nothing on those!); the promises of making $ while you sleep, no $ down, ‘the secrets’ to … didn’t quite ring true to me – enough! I can do this on my own! Not only is it frustrating to see mum and dad investors mortgage their houses for thousands of dollars’ worth of dubious coaching and mentoring; but seeing many intelligent and hard working friends and peers – lawyers, doctors, accountants and other professionals with few, if any, investments independent of their own labour. There has to be a better way!?

Greg and I built a substantial property and share portfolio, set up and manage our own self- managed superannuation fund, and created BiG. Many of our property purchases have been with family and for a variety of reasons such as: so they could keep a family home after divorce, and helping my sister have a great place for a massage and yoga retreat. I have helped countless friends and acquaintances guiding them on things to think about while on their investing paths – what they seem unclear on, and who best could help them, given their circumstances. In Hawaii in 2003, I even rescued an American couple from a bad time share decision they were about to make. As carers for their disabled daughter, they thought locking into a lifetime of holidays (on their limited budget) was a good choice. I quickly explained some of the disadvantages and some reasons they might like to reconsider. They did!

My vision

Not satisfied with the filters and results for “investing” (and all the other SEO keywords) that Google and other search engines provide, Big seeks information from a diversity of sources – the media, subscriptions, books, word of mouth, seminars and whatever else we can find! We have spreadsheets and data bases to die for! The ultimate goal is to review all the investment information, advice and gurus around (both ours and from other investors). A mammoth, but exciting adventure!

Things don’t always go to plan!

My plan was to build an extensive website, an investing resource backed up with numerous databases and loads of information. The $100,000 cost to do what I wanted the site to do, though daunting, was where I was going!

Over the past 4 years some of the best I could find in their fields have enthusiastically and generously contributed to my master plan – Brenton Cannizarro (Adelaide – Memphis Agency), Jason Neave and Tom Moon (ViaMedia), Simon Hampel (Sydney – Hampel Group), James Burgin (Sydney- BrandWithin)  and Rick Foster (Financial Services Partners). As well some much appreciated time with and tips from, an absolute guru on training, adult learning (and lots of other stuff) Dr Stephanie Burns (Sydney).

Unfortunately after over 2 years of perfect storm: a fraudulent employee and its repercussions including a major change  in career direction; the GFC;  and flat property prices – have meant a scaling down of my big vision. But, we move on – can’t change all that, and as Dr Johnson from “Who moved my cheese?” would say – time to enjoy the change and savour the adventure! So the site has been modified to a blog, but with as much cross referencing of all our useful information as possible.

What’s in it for you?

I’d love to help you, for you to spend some time at andreadavies.com.au, interact in whatever way you’d like, and to let others know about us. You’re sure to get some great information and tips.

Thanks for investing your precious time here.

Warm Regards, Andrea

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