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“was founded in 2000 by Sydney stockbroker Angus Geddes. The company has since grown to become an internationally recognised and trusted financial services brand. From modest beginnings in Australia, Fat Prophets has expanded the foot print to include offices Sydney,London, Jakarta and Auckland.There are three main pillars to the Fat Prophets success story1. We have a passion and an absolute dedication to making you money.2. We are totally committed to searching for and picking the stocks with the very best chance of rising in value in the weeks, months and years ahead.3. We will offer you an outstanding level of service.When we launched in 2000 we saw a finance industry that was out of touch with investors’ needs.. More than a decade on, our research and investment return track record speaks for itself. Our research advice and funds management services are completely independent. We are not paid by any of the companies that we recommend in our research reports because our members’ interests have always come first.” Free Equities Report

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