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BiG’s green guru Mark Bouris launches guru!

Want to spend a bit of time productively this weekend? How about you check out what businessman, entrepreneur and the founder of Wizard Home Loans and Yellow Brick Road has to offer? Mark Bouris has launched a free financial forecasting tool called Guru. The aim is to help you take control of your finances and see where you’ll be at age 65 …

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Day 4 of the BiG 30 Day Bucket List Investing Challenge – Spoilt for Choice! The Many Types of Investments and Strategies Available to You – the Investor!

BiG 30 Day Bucket List Investing Challenge
You may have read in About me the story of how and when my investing began. Unsure of investing choices, like so many newbies, all I could think of was ‘property or shares’?! Going to a seminar in Queensland (bad idea!) the promise was they would usefully compare the two – wrong! I ended up escaping from the seminar early- …

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Mark Bouris on Success| 3 Techniques to achieve it: What drives growth?: and Kerry Packer’s empathetic side!

Founder of Wizard Home Loans and Yellow Brick Road Wealth Management and Celebrity Apprentice judge Mark Bouris, recently defined success as “your ability to survive in your environment as it changes and evolve with it”. You may find his techniques help you, whether or not you own your own business, and as you invest more broadly in your work and …

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What’s on this weekend for you? Interest rates down so looking through the real estate pages?

How about checking out investing articles (Phil Ruthven great updates and reports; see his latest on business success/demographics Phil Ruthven IBIS World August 2013) or TV shows, such as Your Property Success with Margaret Lomas on Sky Business this Saturday at 11 am. You’ll see me there (I hope – scheduling is beyond mere mortals’ control!) and some of my property …

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Secrets, Success and Seminars – what would Branson and Bouris know?

  Sir Richard Branson answered the million dollar question again in Adelaide this week. What’s your tip or secret to building a successful business?  It’s simply this he replied  “just take something that isn’t being done very well and do it better”. At the same event and in part from insights from Kerry Packer, Mark Bouris said “there are no …

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