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Secrets, Success and Seminars – what would Branson and Bouris know?

  Sir Richard Branson answered the million dollar question again in Adelaide this week. What’s your tip or secret to building a successful business?  It’s simply this he replied  “just take something that isn’t being done very well and do it better”. At the same event and in part from insights from Kerry Packer, Mark Bouris said “there are no …

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3 Steps to successful investing – questions and decisions made simple.

Oh the curse of too many questions and decisions! Branding and marketing 101: Connect a brand, product or service with a consumer (pleasure/pain – emotions sell rather than logic). Match its benefits with what the consumer wants (lucky for them if they also need it!) and consumer buys!  So it’s a ‘no – brainer’. No need to even ask a question, you …

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How change and cheese (and how it moves) – have a lot to do with investing.

How do you approach what you want in life, where do you look – and what do you do when things change? The timeless book “Who Moved My Cheese?” is simple yet profound and its insights may help you as you contemplate investing your time, energy and money/resources. In a Paris market savouring this amazing  array of cheeses and  smells (especially the …

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