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How change and cheese (and how it moves) – have a lot to do with investing.

How do you approach what you want in life, where do you look – and what do you do when things change? The timeless book “Who Moved My Cheese?” is simple yet profound and its insights may help you as you contemplate investing your time, energy and money/resources. In a Paris market savouring this amazing  array of cheeses and  smells (especially the …

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Are you ‘Mad as Hell’? How you don’t need to be ‘right’ to be a successful investor.

Investing in anything really means – what you decide to and actually spend – your time, effort, and resources/money on. Caught up in a London street protest over proposed cuts to the public service – my family and I came across these two divergent views (protester v bystander).                   Politics, law, religion … and investing often lead …

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