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The BiG DIRECTORY lists people to help with the process of investing (we call them ‘ancillary investment professionals’): 

  • accountants
  • financial planners
  • lawyers
  • property managers
  • real estate agents
  • tradies
  • and more

Analysts and Commentators aren’t in the Directory because they mainly educate and give general, as opposed to specific, analysis and commentary.

The Gurus in the 5 BiG Books (#1Wealth, #2Business, #3Property, #4Shares, #5Yourself) will give you direct advice, mentoring or coaching (sometimes there’s overlap and they may be an analyst or commentator, or an ‘ancillary service provider’ too).

There are 3 sections in the BiG DIRECTORY:

1. Resources and Giveaways (free products or services)

2. Ancillary investment service providers

3. BiG Shop – Businesses mostly from BiGBook#5 Investing in Yourself – BiG’s or members’ personal favourites/contacts



  • Financial Blogs, Podcasts, Forums, websites … (see more in the relevant BiG Book):

MoneySmart (ASIC) Calculators and APPs:

Budgeting & saving calculators
Money health calculators & unclaimed money search
Mortgage calculators
Loans, credit & debt calculators
Superannuation & retirement calculators
Investing calculators
Mobile finance apps

Australian Property Market “will endeavour to bring you the latest, smart and and most up to date tips for your property  investment and real estate and home buying process.We follow the market trends  and updates  to give you the best possible strategy and  information  to help  first home buyers and investors to make the right decision.”

Flying Solo “Australia’s largest online business community. Established in 2005, Flying Solo is home to a community of over 75,000 Australian solo and micro businesses, along with 30,000 more connecting across our social networks.”

Financial Planning Association of Australia

If you have any burning questions about your finances, head to the Ask an Expert forum and ask a qualified expert for free.” [The FPAA hasn’t updated this function recently and the links are broken. But there’s still some useful stuff on the site.] Topics covered are:

  • FEES
  • DEBT
  • FPA
  • TAX

Business Blueprint – FREE online stream of business experts and tips. Dale Beaumont

MacroBusinessSuperblog “Is Australia’s leading business and investment blog. Its mission is to bridge the gulf between the Australian business media and reality.”

  • E -books/reports/blueprints/newsletters/updates/subscriptions/memberships

You don’t get nothing for nothing! Every time you enter your personal details your data is collected and used in some way – Facebook, free products… Mostly your email address so you can be sent advertising and promotions.

 FREE PRODUCTS – newsletters,  webinars …

Often you’ll get something worthwhile, sometimes not! Either way, you’re sure to get a full inbox.

Be wary of giving credit card details – it’s almost impossible to cancel, or  you just forget – good luck getting a refund!

  • Books| Magazines

Fishpond “Absolutely Australia’s Lowest Prices. We won’t be beaten by anyone. Guaranteed … an online store selling books, music, movies, beauty products, toys, sporting and outdoor product, jewellery, kitchen products and homeware.

Educated Investor Financial Bookshop. “Categories: Bargain Books; Trading; Technical; Psychology; Investment; Getting Started; Ebooks, Audio Books, DVD’s; Barefoot Investor Recommended Reading; CFD’s/ Contracts for Difference; Foreign Exchange/FX; Fundamentals; Options/Warrants; Superannuation; Software; Motivational Historical; Real Estate; Business/Management; Commodities; Financial Markets Futures; Leadership; Risk Management; Sales/Marketing; Newsletters”


  • The Adviser
  • Australian Broker
  • Australian Property Investor (API) (and see The Business Mall Property Investor’s Bookshop also has genearl investing, shares, superannuation, derivatives)
    • Articles on specific regions, booming suburbs and potential hotspots
    • Profiles of successful investors
    • Case studies of specific projects:
      • Small property development projects
      • API Hot 100 – a list of the top 100 locations around the country hand-picked for their capital growth prospects
      • Retirement Strategies
      • Small Development Series
      • Young Guns
      • Roadmap to Wealth
      • The InterviewQ and A
  • Austalian Quarterly
  • Australia’s Paydirt
  • Bloomberg Business Week
  • Business Acumen
  • The Economist
  • Forbes Asia
  • Fortune Asia
  • Gold Mining Journal
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Independent Financial Adviser
  • Marketing
  • Money “magazine helps you manage your finances by cutting through the jargon. Each month you’ll receive credible, independent and easy-to-understand financial advice from Australia’s most respected financial writers including Paul Clitheroe and Ross Greenwood.”
  • Mortgage Professionals Australia
  • SMSF Adviser
  • Success Business Magazine
  • Under the Radar Report – Small Caps
  • Wealth Creator Magazine – No longer published?
  • Your Investment Property “is the intelligent property owner’s choice when it comes to learning about Australia’s property market. [it] provides you with the most complete set of property data, independent commentary and thoroughly-researched articles about all aspects of investing in property in Australia and abroad. Every issue features in-depth analyses of the market trends that affect your investment. Practical tips and advice on how to manage and finance your investments are also featured regularly to help you make the best decisions. [it] carries the most comprehensive data section of any Australian property magazine, with extensive and exclusive data about every suburb in Australia to help you decide where to put your money. You also get independent expert advice on the best investment strategies for you as well as market analysis from Australia’s most trusted and experienced property experts. Plus, every month Your Investment Property carries exclusive information about Australia’s up-and-coming property hot spots; real-life success stories of ordinary, hardworking Australians who have achieved financial independence through property; and the latest and most practical legal, tax and financial advice to help you invest safely.” Free suburb reports: Newsletter
  • Your Trading Edge

Major Street Publishing (MSP) “is an independently-owned publishing company that specialises in personal investment and business books, ebooks, newsletters and other publications.  Founded in October 2009, the aim is to educate readers to save, make, manage and invest their money. Experts are commissioned to write on all aspects of personal finance – from property and sharemarket investing to taxation, superannuation and money management, as well as other business-related topics….categories:

  • Property & Wealth Creation
  • Books for Business
  • Super & Shares


  • Media

The Australian Independent Media Network (AIMN) “is a platform for citizen journalists and bloggers to write and engage in an independent media environment.”

Mainstream media – TV/Internet/Newspapers

Personal Finance
Share market investing
Loans and credit
Managing money and tax
Super and planning

Small Business



Selling online

Customer service

Sales and marketing

Your Money Your Call – property and shares

Investing Property news; Business life; SME news; Media; Technology


As you research  investing options you’ll find loads of special offers and free information, products and services. This is a common way for a a business to capture your information, especially emails. These ebooks, blueprints, videos, CDs, DVDs, webinars, subscriptions and trials, may contain useful tips and information – even though they’re often teasers to a more substantial purchase. Throughout BiG, you’ll see free products and any special deals, saving you the hassle of filtering through a burgeoning inbox yourself!


These are people who provide ancillary services to the different types of investments, such as:

  • conveyancers
  • financial planners
  • finance providers
  • Outsourcing – IT services, virtual assistants,
  • people who source property (such as developers, and real estate agents,  buyer’s agents)
  • property and strata managers
  • quantity surveyors
  • real estate agents and buyers agents
  • stock brokers

Some may be listed in our BiGShop, but only if: 

  • BiG and our associates have used and have received great service from, or
  • have been used by our site members – with great results,  and/or
  • have paid to advertise here

You can subscribe to our Updates and recommend providers.

If you have a business you can advertise with us  – your customers are welcome to subscribe and leave testimonials.

You’ll also find ancillary service providers in these sites:

Directories/Comparison/Rating/’Find’ sites:

Many industries and regulatory bodies list their members and rate or recognise products and services using industry and client awards – see Guru Cops for these.

Following are sites that list, rate and/or compare products and services (you could also find them in Guru Cops):

  • Outsourcing

 5 Tips for Outsourcing Every Online Entrepreneur Needs

Service Seeking

  • Accountants/Financial Planners (so many sites, but here are a few!)

Independence, fees and commissions:

Be wary when choosing a planner that you’re getting independent advice and that their fees are reasonable, based on the returns they can get. Cheapest doesn’t mean the best. Commissions are becoming less of an issue with recent changes to trailing commissions. See Financial advice costs and Financial advice and you MoneySmart (ASIC)

Understanding the difference between wholesale and retail clients under FOFA MoneyManagementt

Adviser Ratings (AR) “Australia’s first transparent and independent service to help you find, rate and review qualified financial advisers.”

Beddoes InstitueMost trusted advisers (App)

Canstar Choosing a financial adviser

Choice Your guide to finding the best finanacial planner Fixing financial advice campaign – Lyndi’s story You Tube

MoneySmart (ASIC) Choosing a financial adviser (Especially its list of companies not licensed to give financial advice)

CPAAustralia (CPA) “Find a CPA (certified practising accountant) or financial planner”

Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA)-Directory Find a financial planner

Top10 financial planner

Yellow Brick Road – “How to pick a planner”

Boutique Financial Planners – Member List


Here’s a video interview with Alan Kohler on proposed changes to financial planning commissions – How should Financial Planners Charge You?

  • Credit and Finance

Scott Pape Barefoot Investor – Steal My Wallet “I’ve spent hundreds of hours finding the best credit cards, savings accounts, mortgages and super.”

Money Buddy: “Based in Sydney, Money Buddy is an independent team of people interested in presenting personal finance information in a useful, easily-digested format. [It] covers home loans, credit cards, car loans, personal loans, bank accounts, tax, accounting, financial planning and calculators [and] features a local business directory for finding local business experts near you … we don’t endorse particular products or provide personal advice … We source our product data directly from institutions/providers and we keep this data as current as possible … [with our] search tool you can: Locate loan brokers or financial advisors in your area. Contact specific local businesses or allow us to match you with the best match. Search for local businesses specialising in home loans, car loans, personal loans, tax, accounting and financial planning.”

Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia – MFAA

  • General comparison sites

Better Bills – Health (inc, Overseas Visitors) Insurance; Electricity and Gas  providers “founded by Tim Andrew and David Ingram to provide Australian consumers with a proper ‘fair go’ at getting the best prices from the widest range of providers, all in one place.”

Canstar “are the research company behind the ‘Money Magazine’ Bank of the Year awards … [they] provide research to comparison sites such as RateCity and Government bodies such as ASIC and the Reserve Bank … [they] see consumer education as a key goal.”


Compare the Market  Compares: car, travel, health, life, home and contents insurance; roadside assistance; energy Compares: Money; Utilities, Tech, Shopping and Travel

Flying Solo micro business directory – a huge list of small businesses.

iSelect – Compares: Health, Car, and Life Insurance; Home Loans; Electricity; Gas and Broadband

Moneyhound Yahoo – Compare credit cardsmobile phoneshome loansbank accountsbroadband plans; saving accountsterm deposits; personal loans; tablet planscar loanselectricitygas; life insurance; and car insurance

“… helps you save money on your monthly bills … compare what you’re paying for all your monthly services against plans and prices from other providers to help you switch and save … Moneyhound will show you a comprehensive range of plans and products available in the Australian market based on your search criteria … search, compare, and fetch a better deal.”

Mozo “Over 300,000 Australians use our comparison tools each month to cut through the marketing noise and save themselves both time and money. Our award-winning website exists to help Australians easily compare banking, insurance and energy products to find the best deals for their needs.?”

Product review “is Australia’s first and most comprehensive consumer opinion site, online since May 2003. We provide a platform where people can rate and review services and products and the shops that sell them. It is consumer response – satisfied or not! On this site you will find real-life experiences and opinions voiced by Australians. We provide our users with the tools to easily find the items they are interested in, read what others have said about them and share their own experiences.”

Rate City (see their commissions/benefits from advertisers)

  • Insurance

MoneySmart (ASIC) Scott’s Pape’s protect your finances money challenge (Video)

Compare the market

Health: Private Health “a wealth of background material on private health insurance in Australia, a list of every registered health fund in Australia, the ability to search for health insurance policies and compare what is covered in each policy you have chosen.”

Info choice (includes stock brokers)

Funeral Cover

Beware! Many funeral insurance policies play on your fear of death and guilt! Often prepaid funerals and funeral bonds are a much better alternative. Safer and cheaper and more regulated than insurance covers – suggests the Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association (CPSA). Their article Would you pay $140,000 for a funeral? has some great information.

Analysis and Data: The Financial Standard  and Morningstar


Guidelines from ASIC MoneySmart

How to Buy and Sell Shares

On a share exchange

There are five public share exchanges in Australia. Four of them directly supervise the companies that issue the shares that trade on their markets. The fifth exchange, Chi-X, currently only provides the infrastructure for trading shares already quoted on the ASX.

The five exchanges:

Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) – the main securities exchange in Australia

Chi-X – an exchange that trades company shares already quoted on the ASX, but does not list or supervise the companies

National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSXA) – a securities exchange that lists about 70 small to medium sized companies

SIM Venture Securities Exchange (SIM VSE) – an exchange for innovative companies involved in the clean technology, renewable energy and bio science field

Using a broker

Important considerations ASX

2 types of brokers:

  • online or phone broking service or ‘discount’ or ‘execution only’ broker – make your own investment decisions, or
  • full service broker – they provide advice and recommendations

Find a broker 

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) find a broker tool

Check if the broker uses dark pools or internalisation to execute trades, as this may impact on the price you pay for shares.

 Managed Funds

Choosing a managed fund MoneySmart (ASIC)

Picking a Funds Manager clearday




Choosing a Superfund MoneySmart (ASIC)

Choosing a Superfund ATO

  • Property/Real Estate

Property investment professionals:

Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) “Our aim is to be the peak Property Investment Industry Association. Our members subscribe to a Code of Conduct which considers all consumers and commits to disclosure and a high standard of Best Practice. All of our members must work toward obtaining the Qualified Property Investment Adviser (QPIA®) qualification which will ensure that consumers can confidently deal with them, knowing that they have a minimum level of expertise and are continuing with regular professional development.”

Real estate agents:

In the BiG Shop (below) we only list real estate agents or other ancillary provides that we, or our members, have used, or who have paid for advertising (all are subject to comments and review).

We’re not a real estate agent ‘yellow pages’ as the internet already has many directories (eg in the various real estate institute member sites).

In many blogs and forums investors discuss their experiences with agents and real estate issues in general, such as commissions. Some are:

Tips and Sites to help you find a real estate agent:

How to Find the Best Real Estate Agent Scott Pape (The Barefoot Investor)

Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) Helping and protecting consumers with property investment

Buyers agents:

Rental Properties/Landlords:

Don’t Rent Me “Review & list bad landlords, bad property managers and bad rental properties.”

 LIST 3: BiG Shop

These businesses mostly come from BiGBook#5 Investing in Yourself, BiG and members’ personal favourites and referrals.

 The Checkout TV  has great consumer info (ABC satire on consumer affairs supported by consumer watchdog Choice ) and it’s

FU Tube  lets you complain about products and post your own videos.

OzBargain “is you, the community of on-line shoppers in Australia. This is the place where we share the best bargains in Australia and share them with each other. Our goal is simple – bringing the best deals and bargains in Australia to consumers.”

Switched on Women ” is a new consumer movement for Australian women that aims to use the combined buying power of tens of thousands of women to unlock discounts and products and services targeted at women… [it] will harness the buying power of Australian women in order to incentivise business to:

Offer discounts to women on essential products and services such as energy, groceries and petrol. Release more products and services specifically targeted at women, such as health insurance. Women make up more than half of the population. More of us are working and more of us are the primary income earner in our households than ever before, but many products and services are not designed to meet the needs of women, many of whom work part-time, need to take time away from work, or face lower incomes than our male counterparts.

  • Share it!

  Location Expertise / Specialty

Biggsford Residential
[Featured] Business Strategies Intenational Sydney Business strategy
Duffield Real Estate
Contact: Ian Ford
Financial Services Partners
Contact: Rick Foster
Format Homes
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[Featured] George Kafantaris Queensland Property Portfolio
Harcourts – Glenelg
Contact: Sharon Gillard
Herron Todd White
Houses to Impress
Contact: Charyn and Kate Youngson
Investment property group WA Find property
John Deans and Associates
Contact: John Deans
[Featured] Katrina Maes Home Staging
[Featured] Kennedy and Co
Contact: Dom Consentino
SA PropertyTax
Kim McFayden
Contact: Kym McFayden
Me Bank
Contact: Peter Barry
Mortgage Choice – Glenelg
Contact: Wendy Higgins
Perks Financial Services
Contact: Brian Nimmo
SA PropertyTax
[Featured] Property planning Australia Adelaide Sydney Melbourne
Real Team
Contact: Michael Whitrow
Rundle Blind Repairs
Contact: Mark Rundle
[Featured] Unconventional Wisdom Journal-UWJ Financial planners
Waring Electrical
Contact: Paul Waring


[Featured] Business Strategies Intenational Sydney Business strategy
[Featured] Unconventional Wisdom Journal-UWJ Financial planners