Angelo Mena

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“is a specialist property sales company focusing only on the sale of real estate and the needs of the vendor. As a member of the Alexa property group, Alexa Real Estate has an intimate understanding of all the facets of the real estate industry and as such is able to combine its knowledge of both the selling and buying process to achieve the highest results for its vendors. This together with a detailed understanding of the Adelaide property market makes Alexa Real Estate the agency of choice for those wanting to achieve the best possible result when selling.

At Alexa Real Estate our mission is to deliver the highest quality and personalised service to our clients. By combining our knowledge with the needs of our clients we are able to work in partnership with our clients to ensure that the best possible result is achieved for them.

Angelo Mena is a director of Alexa Real Estate and has many years experience in the real estate industry. He has lectured and presented negotiation seminars across Australia for many years and has an intense passion for Real Estate and success.”

“Together with my wife Xenia Ioannou we are now proud to offer you Alexa Real Estate which is a vibrant and exciting company specialising in the needs of the seller. Focusing on your needs and bringing these together with our experience and expertise, we create a partnership of success. A partnership which recognises that with every problem lays a solution and a partnership of excellence which is built upon the knowledge that your success is our success.”

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