Ben Angel

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“is an author, business and lifestyle columnist and marketing specialist on personal branding. As a professional speaker he has delivered presentations for Toyota, Australia Post, Australian Institute of Company Directors, Action International and Energise Enterprise Business Festival.

Ben grooms entrepreneurs, companies and authors in how to become more seductive to their target market, the media and their colleagues via networking skills, dressing to influence, energetic engagement and the art of building influential personal brands.

Innovative and provocative in his delivery, Ben’s techniques are far from conventional yet he manages to deliver the complete package: practical well-thought out business strategies coupled with irreverent and engaging humour.

Ben’s unique mix of personal development, marketing and personal styling adds a splash of colour to an otherwise conservative day. Media exposure includes but is not limited to: The Australian, Herald Sun, Channel 9 ACA, ABC Radio, Leader Newspapers, Honestly Woman Magazine, QCG Magazine, Q Magazine, Joy 94.9FM and Australian Business Solutions Magazine.”

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