Bob Andersen

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“I am a member of a select group of developers with over $1 Billion in successful development projects under my belt, over the last 34 years.
And 100% of those developments have been successful. I’ve never lost money on a property development for myself or any of my clients.
Those developments have included high-rise apartment buildings, high rise CBD office buildings, shopping centres, retirement complexes, resorts, student accommodation complexes, land subdivisions, spec houses and townhouses.
… I have featured in Australian Property Investor Magazine (API) as their resident property development expert. The most successful API article ever published was the ‘Small Development Guide’, 12 episodes sharing some of my property development secrets.
When I started developing property in 1980 I was purely interested in using my development profits as a source of income. So on I went, making profits and paying income tax.
By the late 1980’s I had learned a lot more about property investment. Finally the light came on. What I should have been doing is keeping some of my development product as a long-term investment – obtaining it at developer’s cost, holding for growth and deferring the tax.
So over the last two decades I have fine-tuned my systems and models for packaging and developing projects using a ‘develop and hold’ strategy.
And it produces fantastic returns for myself and my clients. Often saving more than $80,000 on the cost of a new property…
These days I operate two businesses:
Positive Property Strategies (PPS) which is an innovative boutique property development business operating at the cutting edge of the industry. PPS partners with high net worth individuals, syndicates and other developers in the development of specific projects.
Property Mastermind where I educate and mentor aspiring developers to create wealth and financial independence through property development and investment.”

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