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“is a new type of super fund, where super knowledge and super investing come together. It’s a super fund that lets you take control, all online, with guidance when you need it along the way.

Everyone’s needs are different and so there’s no “one size fits all”. There’s just a broad range of research and education for each different level of investing experience, along with a menu of hundreds of different investments you can make including term deposits and cash, managed funds, ASX shares and exchange traded funds.

You can dial up or down the level of control you have over your investments. You can choose to invest in our ready-made portfolios where we do the work for you, or you can take more control by investing in managed funds, term deposits and shares. All your buying, selling and portfolio tracking is done online, so once you’ve signed up, there’s no more annoying paper shuffling.

However, we know that having lots of investment options doesn’t help unless you feel confident in making investing decisions.  That’s where our investment know-how comes in. We have the right level and amount of know-how to help you make the right decisions for you, no matter how much time you want to spend on your super or how much experience you have.

If you are starting out and short on time, our introductory learning articles and videos will help you make sense of investing and get you taking action. If you’re an experienced investor then Eureka Report and our stock recommendations, stock screening tools and research will help you make the right investment choices.

Why did we start brightday?

For many years at Eureka Report we have been providing self-directed investors with insights and strategies, but with no way to put those strategies into action.

We believe that everyone should be able to manage their own super, if they want to. We believe managing your own super should be affordable to everyone.  However, we also believe that without the right support and investment know-how, managing super can be confusing.

So, we decided to create the one place where super knowledge and super investing come together. To create a solution to last a lifetime, with investment options and know how that grow and change to suit you.

What does brightday mean?

Whenever we learn something that can improve our life, it is a brightday. Whenever we take a step towards a safer and more prosperous life, it is a brightday and every time you interact with someone who impresses you with a great experience, it is a brightday.

And so we named our service brightday.

Who is behind brightday

brightday is created by the the team at Eureka Report, Australia’s leading investment publication. Eureka Report has been providing investment insights and research to self-directed investors since 2005, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of News Corporation. The Eureka Report team provides all of the investment know-how and educational content within the brightday platform. brightday is offered under Eureka Report’s Australian Financial Services Licence Number 433424.

brightday includes Eureka Report and is run by the same team, but with a few important differences.  The first difference is that we now provide investment know-how for people who are starting out, as well as know-how for those who already know what they want to do. The second difference, a big one, is that we offer super structures to suit all types of people (retail fund structures through to SMSFs), as well as a vast range of investment options from cash and term deposits to shares and alternative investments.

In creating brightday, we have partnered with OneVue, an independent investment and superannuation platform business listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. OneVue has deep domain experience in wealth and focuses on creating innovative superannuation solutions for all Australians. The team at OneVue are responsible for providing the investing and transacting parts of brightday, as well as providing the superannuation services. The superannuation services are offered under APRA SPIN Number MAP0013AU and USI 71603157863004.”

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