Cherie Barber

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“was established in May 2009 with an overriding goal to deliver “superior” property education that would enable everyday Australians to make prudent property investment decisions for their renovation projects.

Our company provides 3 day educational workshops that teach people from all walks of life how to become professional, savvy & creative property investors who specialise and use property renovation as their wealth creation strategy. Our workshops do not contain a lot of superficial, high level theory or basic information that you can get free or pay for in other low cost renovation seminars. Our workshops are priced significantly higher than those low cost seminars for a reason. It’s because the quality of information we teach is unrivalled, can’t be found in books, seminars or even at university. The knowledge we teach is derived from the day in & day out experiences of Australia’s top renovator for almost two decades. And it’s this nitty-gritty, easy to learn tactical knowledge Cherie shares with her students, combined with her step by step systematic processes (based on proven principles) that enables her graduates to successfully go out and make consistent profit margins on every project they touch moving forward.

Are you someone who would love to renovate for profit? Do you often wonder how others do it successfully? Not sure where to start or how to select and research suburbs and properties in detail? Are you confused where you should spend your money or how to add the most value to avoid overcapitalising? Perhaps you don’t know how to analyse the true profit potential of a property before you buy or how you project manage your sites effectively to ensure your projects run smoothly to time, quality and cost targets. How do you do creative deals leveraging other people’s money and how do you sell for the maximum price possible each and every time? This is just a small portion of what we teach our students while also sharing all of our professional property tools and templates to ensure you never forget anything again, maximise your project profits and work effectively and efficiently in all your property projects like a sophisticated investor. Make no mistake about it; it’s this further education that will ultimately lead to increased professionalism and profits.”

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