Joseph Chou

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“We educate, empower and assist our investors, provide sound investment strategies, quality products and professional, ongoing support. With thousands of individual investors, Ironfish is one of Australia’s leading property investment companies. Our people are specialists in helping investors to build their own diverse property portfolio using our proven investment system (the Portfolio Approach). We educate and mentor investors through seminars, face-to-face meetings and regular information updates. We also research and secure quality investment property opportunities throughout Australia. All approved properties are VIP or pre-public opportunities that are fully researched, turnkey and 100% pre-negotiated to secure the best deal possible.

We have more than 100 property investment strategists in eight offices throughout Australia and in China. Our experienced team will help you build your property portfolio.”

Joseph Chou Founder and CEO Ironfish Sydney (St Leonards Office) … Born in Beijing in 1962, he studied at the prestigious Peking University and then in the US, enjoyed the role of diplomat in his homeland, only to lose the title and prestige by migrating to Australia.

Today he teaches and speaks to thousands about property investment and business principles and is CEO and founder of a property investment company. He has a firm belief that anyone can make it as long as they do one simple thing: play by the rules.

Susanne Anderson Co-founder & Executive Director

Grant Ryan Co-founder & Executive Director

Damon Nagel Managing Director, Ironfish Adelaide

Ellen Bian Managing Director, Ironfish Melbourne

Nicole Tam General Manager, Ironfish Brisbane

Jason Jin Managing Director, Ironfish Melbourne (St Kilda Office)

Gary Ma General Manager, Ironfish Melbourne (Box Hill Office)

Helen Qin General Manager, Ironfish Perth

Linda Lu Managing Director, Ironfish Sydney (Burwood Office)

Lanny Xu Managing Director of Ironfish Shanghai

Joanne Chen Sales Director of Ironfish Shanghai”


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