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Cons: (Jamie McIntyre Exposed removed from the internet)

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McIntyre is involved in many areas of wealth creation – share trading, real estate (particularly land banking), education and mentoring. He’s a regular seminar presenter, BiG hasn’t had direct experience of his operations. He is often mentioned by investors in various forums and by consumer advocates such as Neil Jenman and Margaret Lomas. As always, due your research!

Some 2004 Jenman articles:

Get-rich-quacker wants help from Peter Costello.

(also on Dymphna Boholt and Steve McKnight)

Most investors don’t see it coming.

He claims [he can teach you]:

  • “How to potentially earn a 6 figure income by blogging
  • Learning about future trends and how to profit from them
  • How to earn while you learn
  • How you could make $30,000 within 90 – 180 days from just one simple strategy that the average Australian can use, and also covered in major TV shows
  • How to avoid the mistakes that cause most people to fail financially
  • Develop the mindset required to become a millionaire
  • Tax minimisation strategies used by the world’s most successful entrepreneurs
  • Powerful Australian & U.S. property investing strategies taught step by step by the experts!
  • How to build second and third incomes
  • How to generate passive income (money that can come in while you are sleeping – the ultimate goal of any investor)
  • How the average Australian that is paying off a house can replace their income within 90 – 180 days from one simple stock market strategy”


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