Jennie Brown

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“Property Investor, Professional Speaker and Mentor Are you interested in investing in property for profit? For over 20 years I have been experimenting with property as an investing tool. I’ve tried lots of different strategies, been to lots of different property, business and finance seminars, and learnt from my experiences. I always knew that you could make lots of money out of being a property investor and I’ve found ways to make money from property investing using strategies that are a little out of the box. I use leverage to give me maximum return for as little effort as possible … this gives me great freedom! The strategies I use include development, subdivision, strata titling, money partner & joint venture partners, renovations and more. In addition to investing, I run seminars and mentoring programs to help people like you achieve your investing goals. I also speak at events all around Australia.” Free Report: “Profitable Property Investing”

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