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Contrarians: Over promise under deliverWealth Seminars – Due Diligence Checks on Promoters: “It makes my skin crawl to see get-rich-quick spruikers (like Mark Rolton) tout themselves with pics of Trump, Robbins, Branson, Kiyosaki etc” Twitter Neil Jenman

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“[his spiel] has a track record of success and delivering innovative property development strategies.   Mark Rolton has dedicated his professional life to the use of Property Options in property development. Mark is highly regarded as the Number One authority in Australia on Property Options. Due to this recognition, Mark developed an education arm that now teaches others how to capitalise on the use of Property Options and generating wealth.

As a charismatic speaker Mark Rolton delivers his wide knowledge on Property Options in easy to understand concepts, that can be understood by both novices and sophisticated investors alike.

Mark Rolton is dynamic and focussed and his professional team at Massland are both motivated and inspired by his positive and insightful business strategies. This revolutionary approach in property development has resulted in the Massland Group growing into a category leading organisation with an impressive property and ever growing development portfolio.”

A recent  May 2016 email – recommending his graduate Brian Gillett:

“Hi ,
Really weird to say that I the subject line considering it’s ME that is sending the email.

Anyhow, as you know, I’ve retired from most of the front-end activities of my business and only focusing on the pointy end of property options.

Plus, I’m taking a lot more time out on my new toy (luxury boat), doing a couple of crazy endurance races and raising money for charities.

If you know me, you know that I’m pretty intense when it comes to getting shit done. So I found a young man who I believe will be the next rock star in the property options game and will replace me as the primary educator of my strategy in Australia and Internationally.

His name is Brian Gillett.

Of course, he’s a graduate and student of mine who has had immediate success with my system.

He wasn’t wet-behind-the-ears or a johny-come-lately investor when he met me. He already had 10 properties… But, he was frustrated!


On the surface he looked and felt successful. But he was lacking something.

And that was, big chunks of cash and an ability to make that fast.

So he invested in what I believe is the greatest asset you can invest in, not real estate, but education!

Then, he rolled up his sleeves and took action.

First two deals, he pulled in over $500,000 profit in just 12 months.

Today, he’s controlling over $25 million of real estate with virtually no money. If it all goes well, he’ll crunch out another $2 million in profit.

Why am I telling you all this?

Brian has put a new twist on my system and he is running some small events in Queensland, just to get a feel for speaking and presenting to share his story.

The event is called, Secrets of the The New Property Entrepreneur.

> You can check out this story and book your seat to this brand-new event here

If you’ve been sitting on the fence for a while, thinking about moving forward with property options, then this event will be a great insight (and another kick up the bum) on how YOU can play the real estate market in Australia in a totally different way… That can produce big chunks of money within 30-60 days and even larger sums within 6-12 months.

…even if you have virtually no money to get started.

Brian will let you know exactly how you can do that and how he has done it as well.

There’s a new era in property education, and I want to welcome Brian Gillett to the stage.

> Book Your Seat to the Secrets of the The New Property Entrepreneur

Keep Charging,

Mark Rolton
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