Nathan Birch

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Contrarians: See discussions in PropertyChat forum esp.   ‘BigWill’.    “Australia’s leading property investment group, developed for investors by investors. Founded by prominent property investors, Nathan Birch and Daniel Young, our goal is to help others achieve financial independence.

Members of our success team come from all walks of life. We have devised strategies and services based on our own personal results in varying markets across Australia. We aim to help others follow in our footsteps and achieve financial independence. Our range of services can help you achieve your investment goals by building equity and building a cash flow positive portfolio.

We know our strategies work because we apply them to our personal day-to-day investment careers. Our own portfolios speak for themselves. Our services are not short-term ‘get rich quick’ schemes. We offer sound advice and property investment strategies to get you on the right track; as well as a number of services to help you continue to exceed in the long term.”

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