Paul Dobson

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“Your Property Should Make You Money – Not Lose It! Like us, were you sold the ‘negative gearing’ dream? The dream went, ‘sure your rental property will lose money but that will be overcome by negative gearing and capital gain’. Trouble is, the great saviour that was capital gain has gone missing… Receive a report specific for your property showing how much positive cashflow you can receive for just $150, just fill out the questionnaire that is sent to you after you fill out the form.

A large part of our vendor finance business involves people contacting us who need to turn their money loser into a money maker. This site is for those people. People who need their property to put money into their pocket, not remove it.

Hence the name “Negative 2 Positive”, i.e. a process where Harson Holdings Pty Ltd enters into a Joint Venture with the Owner of a poorly performing property, with the aim of generating positive cash flow and fixed (locked-in) capital gain.

However we’re only prepared to do this if we can show a suitable Risk Minimisation program. Our Risk Minimisation plan can be viewed here: Risk Minimisation

Essentially, our Joint Venture Partners want:
To stop their property bleeding cash
To increase their income without increasing their workload
To profit from our knowledge and expertise
The flexibility that positive cash flow can provide
The advantages trading properties can give, i.e. another income stream that can support your buy & holds or lifestyle.”

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