Rachel Barnes

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“provide independent education, information, inspiration and association for women involved in property!”  [it] was created in 2006 after ‘A Current Affair’ ran a story about property women showing men a thing or two when it came to Property Investing.

A trial workshop in November 2006 was a resounding success and many other events have followed. Membership of the Property Women community grew exponentially as thousands of women realised the value of the information from the Property Women monthly e-newsletters, as well as the networking potential they have through the online forum available on the website.

The ‘women only’ events have proven to be extremely well received by the attendees who feel comfortable asking questions in the supportive, rather than competitive environment. Women do learn differently, and the feedback from all the events confirms that they love the opportunity to learn in a female friendly fashion.

Once women receive the right knowledge, overcome their fear and network with other likeminded women, they are ready to take action.  Ordinary women are turning their lives around, taking control of their own future and having fun!”


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