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Contrarians: Dymphna Boholt gives undertakings after caught in examinations by regulator into property promotion investment schemes Property Observer

“is a self-made millionaire, property investor and coach, based in Sydney, Australia. He authored of one of the top 10 most popular finance books in 2013, voted by Money Magazine and Dymocks Bookstores. Now an internationally recognised authority on vendor finance and as director of We Buy Houses Pty Ltd, his mission is to transform the way people buy and sell property to empower them with the knowledge that there is another way. “


How have prominent rent-to-buy figures responded to challenges? 

“We buy Houses” – but why?

7.30 Report on the strategy and Rick Otton WA Lead Charge on Property Spruikers

Neil Jenman RICK OTTON BANNED Consumers protected in WA

Due to the risks, complexities and fact that this strategy is not allowed in parts of Australia, we have allocated a ‘Red’ rating – be cautious.


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