Stephen Fagan

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“Steve Fagan is up to his old tricks again.

He sucked in my partner and I and admittedly many other families, to signing a contract and building with his new company Inspiration Homes.

To keep it short, the properties are of terrible quality and majority of them have been left unfinished. He pushed through and took as many progress payments as possible – I’ve heard from some people that they have paid up to 70% of the property and only 30% has been completed.

Once the company started to nose dive, he sold the outstanding contracts and has gone to start up another company and no doubt, repeat the process.

Most the contracts were under another building company – in my case, Atkinson Building and Development, but after speaking to many customers this varies. He had no license of his own. Again, with myself and many others included, our HOW certificate is for a different amount to the contract price and is by another company, essentially making it invalid.

If you find the FORUMONE Building website/forum and search for Inspiration Homes you will see more detail there and posts from ex-staff members who explained to us his Scientology ties and how the company is being sued from suppliers and something like 1.8 million has disappeared into thin air. Mich43LApril 26 2015″

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