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 “Movers, shakers, makers – Stories of women in business”

“We publish content that provide practical advice, insights and inspiration on the things we care about. If you’re an expert (by profession or life experience) we invite you to submit guest contributions on the following topics: Mindset | Money | Health/Fitness | Business | Leadership | Entrepreneur | Tech | Travel 

Now, what to write.

Founder Diaries: This popular column features the stories of business owners and offers insights into the mindset of an entrepreneur and the realities of running a business. Female founders share their learnings, experiences, frustrations, joys, their successes and failures in equal measure.Practical How-tos: Demonstrate your expertise, offer advice, share your learnings and captivate with headline grabbing stories.

Trends and Insights: Product/service reviews, insights from research and why it’s important, what’s hot, what’s not, the latest, coolest, and worth raving about, what’s everyone talking about?Lists and Guides to good living:  “5 secrets”, “3 steps”, or “the complete guide to”. Personal Stories:  Did you travel the world with less than $1000 in your pocket, scale Mt Everest, build a million dollar business with only $50, create an impressive investment portfolio before your 21st birthday, quit your day job to follow your dreams? We want to hear your story – the good, the bad and the ugly.Opinion: You want to be heard. You have something to say about a particular issue or want to express a particular stance (popular or otherwise) on a hot topic. This is your space. Make sure your argument or opinion is based on facts or insights from experiences or research.”
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