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He claims: ‘I’m the founder and writer of Entrepreneurs-Journey.com. This blog is for my fellow entrepreneurs, especially if you are interested in following the online business model I have leveraged to make over a million dollars … That business model is:

Start A Blog
Grow An Email Newsletter
Sell Your Own Digital Products
In previous years as an entrepreneur I have created, managed and sold several different Internet businesses.

My successful projects include a Magic: The Gathering card game trading forum and e-commerce site, a proofreading business called BetterEdit and a portfolio of website investments, including a blog called Small Business Branding and a collection of sites about miniature motorcycles.

All of these businesses were sold when I turned my focus to teach others how to sell digital products and services using a blog.

Since 2005 through this blog Entrepreneurs-Journey.com, my email newsletters and in training programs in the EJ Insider, I have taught thousands of people how to make a full time income from blogging using the Blog Sales Funnel to sell digital products and services.

You can listen to in-depth graduate blog case studies on my success stories page.

You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, find me on LinkedIn, circle me on Google+, watch my videos at Yaro.TV on YouTube and subscribe to my Podcast on iTunes.’

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