#3 BiG Book of Property Investing Strategies and Gurus

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People and organisations you’ll find in the property investing industry are:

  • ANALYSTS and COMMENTATORS  Follow this link wher we list the people and organisations who comment and analyse the property industry. Some also analyse investing in general, investing data and claims. They may be economists, financial planners, journalists, or have some other financial qualification.
  • MoneySmart (ASIC)  Property investment gives you a useful overview of property investing basics.
  • Property Guru Cops help you avoid scams and mistakes choosing advisors. Some useful articles too:

Signs of a property investing scam (Video) interview Tim O’Dwyer lawyer: watch out for cold calls, seminars, ‘one stop shops’ (lawyer, financier, developer) and emotive buzz phrases like ‘wealth’, ‘wealth creation’, ‘plan your future’, ‘superannuation’ ‘SMSF’. Don’t sign anything.

Beware the New Breed of Property Experts Michael Yardney

The dark side of property investing Nila Sweeney – YIP

Property spruikers put on notice by states Amy Bainbridge – ABC

Wealth Seminars – Due Diligence Checks on Promoters Real Estate Investment Australia

Dymphna Boholt gives undertakings after caught in examinations by regulator into property promotion investment schemes Johnathan Chancellor – Property Observer

Corporate regulator ASIC warns that property spruikers are returning to the market Peter Ryan – ABC

  • Various industry bodies and regulators ADPIA; AFA; AIA; API: Choice; ASIC; ACCC (Smart Money, ScamWatch); Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS)
  • Property Investment Gurus (below) – those who give some type of property investing advisory service or product (often not real estate agents)  – particularly advice on strategies. They’re rated red, yellow or green.
  •  In the BiG Directory you’ll find people who provide ancillary services, such as:
    • people who source property (such as developers, and real estate agents,  buyer’s agents)
    • financial planners
    • finance providers
    • conveyancers
    • lawyers
    • property and strata managers
    • quantity surveyors

In the BiG Directory we only list the real estate agents we, or our members, have used, or who have paid for advertising (all are subject to comments and review). We’re not a real estate agent ‘yellow pages’ as the internet already has many directories (eg in the various real estate institute member sites).

The Directory has Tips on choosing real estate agents (see below too).

There are many blogs and forums where investors discuss their experiences with agents and real estate issues in general, such as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ real estate agents and commissions. Some are:

Macrobusiness Superblog
No nonsense analysis of the Australian and global economy and the effects on your assets and business.
Steve Keen’s Debtwatch
Steve Keen is Associate Professor of Economics & Finance at the University of Western Sydney, and author of the popular book Debunking Economics.
Chris Joye’s Aussie Macro Moments
Variously described by News Ltd as an “Inflation Hawk”, “Iconoclast”, “Svengali”, a pollie’s “Economist Muse”, and “Pungently Accurate”.
Michael Yardney
Michael Yardney’s Property Update
Property update started as a humble email newsletter in 2001 and now thousands of property investors from Australia and abroad visit the site each day.
Property Observer
Property Observer
A source of independent news and information for property investors and astute buyers, so they can make informed property investment decisions.
RPData Blog
RP Data is the leading provider of property information, analysis and business solutions to the Australian and New Zealand property industry.
Residex Blog
Founded in 1990, Residex is a primary source of independent research information to Governments, the financial and property markets, investors and individuals.
Money Morning
Money Morning Australia
Our aim is to give you intelligent and enjoyable commentary on the most important financial stories of the day, and tell you how to profit from them.
Neil Jenman
Neil Jenman
Focuses on investigative writing, consumer advocacy and the accreditation of agents through the not-for-profit Jenman Approved concept
Australian Property Forum
Australian Property Blogs
A selection of APF member blogs hosted on the Australian Property Forum



















Real Estate Investing Forum
Simple & Sustainable
Discussion about the sustainability of house prices in Australia
Somersoft [BiG: Now see PropertyChat]
Property investor and developer forum
Talk Finance
Focuses on alternative theories of finance and economics

Tips and Sites to help you find a real estate agent:

How to Find the Best Real Estate Agent Scott Pape (The Barefoot Investor)

Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) “Helping and protecting consumers with property investment”

Real Estate Monitors “We help you choose and deal with an agent. You choose, we monitor”  7 Questions to ask an agent when selling

The Good Agent Guide
Open Agent (Top 5 Ways to Find a Trustworthy Agent)
Rate my Agent
Sell my castle – Local Agent Finder

Buyers agents:

Engaging The Right Buyer’s Agent Sarah Megginson – YIP

Why investors should consider using a buyer’s agent Zoe Fielding – Property Observer

The Property Buyers Association of Australia (PBAAA)

Real Estate Buyers Agents Association of Australia (REBAA)


The property investment gurus below are those in the industry (often not real estate agents) who do, or did, provide  information and advice on property investing. They usually specialise in a particular method or strategy.

 The ‘About’ column (below) simply quotes their marketing blurb – hence the “….. ” (so we don’t misrepresent or misquote their claims).

If we’ve  reviewed them (under our Traffic Light System) we rate them: red, yellow, green. If we receive any information and feedback on them (which includes any suggested ratings by you), we may re rate them.  If we find negative information or feedback, they may go back in colour. We invite your feedback, especially how you would rate them.

(You’ll find people who mainly provide ancillary services, property management, builders, developers, mortgage brokers in our BiG Directory™ .  Help us update the directory with your feedback and referrals.)

Traffic Light™ system: we still have many ‘gurus’ to rate and welcome your experiences of any listed, or not. As we build the site and do more reviews, we’ll set out the strategies they use and as much information we can. You then decide whether or not you’re interested in using them.

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  Rating About Strategies
Bryce Holdaway
Company: Empower Wealth The Property Couch Podcasts
  “is the Co-Host of Relocation Relocation Australia and Location Location Location Australia on Foxtel’s Lifestyle Channel and a Partner at Empower Wealth. A qualified Buyers Advocate and Financial Planner, Bryce holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), Real Estate Agent Licence and Diploma in Financial Services (Financial Planning). Bryce Holdaway’s appetite for property spans eighteen years starting when he first stumbled … more » Buyers agent; Financial planning; PIPA; Property investing; Property investing education; real estate
Rick Nieuwenhoven
Company: Nieuvision
  “Nieuvision started as a family business and we have retained our family ethos. We believe in working hard and working together to assist each other and our clients. Our value proposition is simple – we are committed to providing a trusted service where our clients’ needs and interests are at the forefront of everything we do. We’ve built our  business on … more » Mortgage broker; Property investing; Property investing education; Property seminars
Acquired Properties   Property investing; Source property
Brett Alegre-Wood
Company: Your Property Club
  “a property investment company that specialises in sourcing, selling and managing London and UK properties. Since 2004 he has overseen the purchase of over a third of a billion pounds of London and UK property. His expertise lies in a combination of property knowledge and psychological application, ensuring the average person a personal security through property, not discredited pension plans. … more » Manage property; Property investing club; Source property
Jeremy Allen
Company: Equity Creators
Robert G Allen [USA]   [from IMReport Card] Robert G Allen is a real estate Internet marketing guru. He belongs to a legion of such people, who work on a similar principle. They explain people how they can buy properties at very cheap rates and then turn them over for a grand profit. The properties are usually distress properties, and other people can acquire them by sometimes … more » Buying wholesale; Property seminars
Zaki Ameer
Company: DDP Dream Design Property
  “Real estate expert, wealth development coach, author and guest speaker, Zaki Ameer, is a self-made property millionaire. He is the Founder and Director of sought-after wealth creation mentoring program Dream Design Property, which currently operates with a team of 16 qualified staff and contractors. Zaki lives his life at his own terms, and with a burning desire to assist others … more »  
Bob Andersen
Company: Property Mastermind
  “I am a member of a select group of developers with over $1 Billion in successful development projects under my belt, over the last 34 years. And 100% of those developments have been successful. I’ve never lost money on a property development for myself or any of my clients. Those developments have included high-rise apartment buildings, high rise CBD office … more » Developing; Mentoring; Property investing education
Phil Anderson
Company: Your Property Gameplan Lunch Property Millionaire
  “[is] a simple, proven, step-by-step process for quickly growing your property portfolio without amassing hundreds of thousands of dollars of bad debt. You’ll also be gaining access to experienced Investors and Property experts who’ll support you every step of the way. At last you’ll finally be able to make the right property buying decisions using very little of your own time … more » Buying wholesale; Property investing education
Andrew Winter   “is one of Australia’s leading residential property experts who hosts the award-winning show “Selling Houses Australia” and “Selling Houses Australia Extreme” exclusive to The LifeStyle Channel … Starting his career in a real estate agency at the tender age of 17, Andrew sold his first home within a matter of months. He then went on to spend some years with … more » Property investing; Property investing and Renovation education; real estate
Mark Armstrong
Company: iProperty Plan
  iProperty Plan comprises of a team of independent advisors who have many years experience in the areas of residential and commercial property analysis, valuation, negotiation, development, accounting and finance… Mark Armstrong – Director … has over 20 years’ property experience, specialising in portfolio planning, acquisition and development. He commenced his business Armstrong Property Planning in 2002. Over the past 10 years … more » Education; Mortgage broker; Property investing; Property investing education; Real estate agent; Valuations
Danny Assabgy
Company: Equiti Private Wealth Hudson Homes
    “is a specialist property investment manager, created to deliver property investment products to investors with a focus on generating sustainable investment returns for investors while putting investor’s interests at the forefront of all investment decision making. Equiti Funds Management aims to produce superior results by focusing on its 3 P’s approach to funds management: Philosophy: refers to the underlying … more » Property investing
Paul Assabgy
Company: No longer advising
Margie Baldock
Company: Positive Growth Property
  “has been a financial commentator since 2003, getting her start on ABC Radio as a regular financial educator, and today is an on-going monthly contributor to Australian Property Investor Magazine’s PSD publication. Internationally Margie has been featured in The Huffington Post and TheStreet.com, to name just a few. Margie is famous for her hands-on property investment success, having personally invested … more » Developer; Developing; Entrepreneur; Property investing; Property investing education
Kovelan Bangaru   10-272AD Kovelan Bangaru jailed on ASIC fraud charges … more »  
Cherie Barber
Company: Renovating for Profit
  “was established in May 2009 with an overriding goal to deliver “superior” property education that would enable everyday Australians to make prudent property investment decisions for their renovation projects. Our company provides 3 day educational workshops that teach people from all walks of life how to become professional, savvy & creative property investors who specialise and use property renovation as … more » Property investing; Property investing and Renovation education; Property seminars; Renovations
Rachel Barnes
Company: Property Women
  “provide independent education, information, inspiration and association for women involved in property!”  [it] was created in 2006 after ‘A Current Affair’ ran a story about property women showing men a thing or two when it came to Property Investing. A trial workshop in November 2006 was a resounding success and many other events have followed. Membership of the Property Women community … more » Networking; Property investing; Renovations; Women
Karina Barrymore   “has been a finance journalist for almost 25 years.She currently works for the Herald Sun and spent 12 years as a senior property writer for The Australian Financial Review.She also practises what she preaches, with personal experience in buying, selling, advising, building and renovating property – her first love.  (Book) The Power of Property: Securing Your Future Through Real Estate … more » Financial journalist; Property investing education
Ray Behan
Company: Think and Grow Group Wealth and Property Gold Mine
  His spiel: “Wealth and Property Gold Mine is a live 1-day master class hosted by myself, Ray Behan, a Property Strategist & Educator. During the first session of this very special live event, I’m going to show you how to smash down the mental barriers that have been preventing you from achieving the wealth and success you deserve… And then … more » Property investing education; Property options
Bernadette Janson
Company: The School of Renovating
  “is a professional renovator, and has been renovating, for over twenty years. It started as a hobby, and several years ago, when her world was turned upside down, she turned her passion into a rewarding and profitable career. She does one to two projects a year, working part time, working from home so she still has the time and flexibility … more » Free eBook; Mentoring; Renovations; Women
Nathan Birch
Company: B Invested
  Contrarians: See discussions in PropertyChat forum esp.   ‘BigWill’.    “Australia’s leading property investment group, developed for investors by investors. Founded by prominent property investors, Nathan Birch and Daniel Young, our goal is to help others achieve financial independence. Members of our success team come from all walks of life. We have devised strategies and services based on our own … more » Mortgage broker; Positive cash flow; Property investing education; Property investing tools
Konrad Bobilak
Company: Investors Prime Real Estate
  “has spent his entire career in the Financial Services, Banking, and Real Estate industries in Melbourne. [his] unique insights into ‘Wealth Psychology’ combined with a highly specialised knowledge of the Finance and the Real Estate Industry in Australia, have made him a sought after Real Estate and Finance ‘Key Note’ speaker and successful real estate investor. Having taught tens of thousands … more » Mortgage broker; Property investing education; Property seminars; wealth management
Dymphna Boholt
Company: I Love Real Estate
  Contrarians: Dymphna Boholt gives undertakings after caught in examinations by regulator into property promotion investment schemes Property Observer; Neil Jenman THE PROPERTY REVOLUTION Most investors don’t see it coming; How Aussies are ripped off in America; Fair Trading fines Dymphna Boholt $15,000 over bogus seminar claims Courier Mail. “Educating on success, money, and material wealth are the things that I am best known for. I have trained and … more » Mentoring; Property investing; Property seminars
Brian Boyd
Company: Real Estate Investor
  “was established in 2007 to help people start the journey to long-term wealth creation. Our role is to work closely with you to ensure your property investment path is precisely mapped out to make the journey less stressful and totally rewarding. Our vision To provide as many of our fellow Australians as possible with a better way to invest in property and … more » Free property investing calculators; Property investing; Property investing education
Philippe Brach
Company: Multifocus Properties and Finance
  “was established in 2005 with the aim of mentoring investors to create wealth and invest in their future by building an investment property portfolio. The company is led by Philippe Brach who has over 25 years experience in the international corporate world specializing in finance, accounting and investment. He is a fully qualified and extremely experienced real estate agent, concentrating … more » Mentoring; Mortgage broker; Property investing
Jennie Brown
Company: Jennie Brown
  “Property Investor, Professional Speaker and Mentor Are you interested in investing in property for profit? For over 20 years I have been experimenting with property as an investing tool. I’ve tried lots of different strategies, been to lots of different property, business and finance seminars, and learnt from my experiences. I always knew that you could make lots of money out … more » Developer; Developing; Joint ventures; Mentoring; Property investing education; Property seminars; Renovations; Strata titling; wraps
Mark Bryers
Company: North Crest
  “is the founder of Northern Crest Financial Ltd. Mark Bryers studied law at the University of Auckland, majoring in accounting and has had diverse experience across the property investment, law and merchant banking industries. Mark Bryers‘ personal management philosophy is to ‘lead employees on a journey of continuous self improvement and to create an environment committed to total customer satisfaction … more » Financial planning; Property finance
Simon Buckingham
Company: Results Mentoring
  “Australia’s Best Independent Property Mentoring … Unlike real estate agents, buyers agents or property spruikers, we won’t ever try to sell you a property. Instead, we’ll train you to become a well educated and sophisticated real estate investor who sensibly uses property to make more money in a handful of months than most people make in years… Simon Buckingham A highly experienced … more » Mentoring; Property investing; Property investing education; real estate
Corey Budd    
Norma Bula    
Nik Burke
Company: Property 4 Profit
  “We’ve collectively been in the property investment industry for over 30 years. And we’re united by our desire to help Australian investors financially retire by owning 4 or more high performance properties. And we practice what we preach. We’re all dedicated property investors ourselves – investing in as many of the carefully selected properties we recommend to our subscribers as … more » Mentoring; Mortgage broker; Positive cash flow; Property finance; Property investing education; Property research; Real estate data
John Burley
Company: John Burley
  Contrarians: John T Reed Neil Jenman … more »  
Alan Burlock    
Rowan Burn    
Daniel Cameron    
Yza Canja
Company: Property Rocket
  “can help you increase your property skills and knowledge, and ultimately your profits. We have access to Australia’s top property, finance, renovation and development experts and through our regular seminars, FREE DVDs, online education and workshops you can get started making big profits through property a lot faster than you may have thought possible.” Guru Cop: Woman faces $5000 bill for … more » Mentoring; Property finance; Property investing; Property investing education; Property seminars
Chicks n Bricks   “is a community of like minded women with a common thread in property. Women either running their own business, in corporate roles, or aspiring to improve their career. Chicks n Bricks Members wish to create deeper connections with others to gain knowledge, understanding and inspiration from each other via collaboration and contribution. By connecting with Chicks n Bricks women are … more » Networking; Property investing; real estate; Women; Women investors
Jo Chivers
Company: Property Bloom
  “Develop Property and Create Your Own Equity. You can either hold and wait for capital gain on your property, or you can fast track wealth creation by unlocking the hidden value in your property through development. Property Bloom™ has a history of great results having helped many investors successfully develop property. We take the hard work and uncertainty out of … more » Developer; Developing; Property investing education; Property management
Joseph Chou
Company: Ironfish
  “We educate, empower and assist our investors, provide sound investment strategies, quality products and professional, ongoing support. With thousands of individual investors, Ironfish is one of Australia’s leading property investment companies. Our people are specialists in helping investors to build their own diverse property portfolio using our proven investment system (the Portfolio Approach). We educate and mentor investors through seminars, … more » Mentoring; Property investing; Property investing and Renovation education
Steven Clements    
Helen Collier – Kogtevs
Company: Real Wealth Australia
  “How to Buy 10 Properties in 10 Years or Less, Earning Over $100,000 a Year Passive Income Simple property investing formula — PROVEN to work in ANY property market… by everyday Aussies like you. If you’ve been interested in real estate investing for any period of time, you may have so much conflicting information bouncing around in your head…that you’re confused … more » Free property report; Mentoring; Property investing; Property investing and Renovation education
Damian Collins
Company: Momentum Wealth
  “We are property investment specialists. Integrity, knowledge and results are what Momentum Wealth has provided to hundreds of property investors and can provide to you. Based in Perth, WA, servicing clients Australia-wide, Momentum Wealth is a full-service property investment consultancy dedicated to making you more money through property investment. We make it safer and easier to build your portfolio using … more » Mentoring; Property finance; Property investing; Property investing education
Peter Comben    
Carly Crutchfield
Company: CCorp
  NO LONGER ADVISING ASIC Type: Disqualified Person Commenced: 07/11/2013 Ceased: 06/05/2015 Address: Suite 110 26-32 Pirrama Road PYRMONT NSW 2009 Comments: On 18 February 2014 Ms Crutchfield sought review in the Administrativ e Appeals Tribunal (AAT)of ASIC’s decision to disqualify her for a period of 3.5 years.On 22 May 2014 the AAT varied the period of Ms. Crutchfield’s disqualification to 1.5 … more » Developing; Education; Property finance; Property investing education; Property seminars
James Dawson
Company: James Dawson Property
  “A simple strategy that focuses on positive cash flow commercial properties has paid dividends for Byron Bay investor James Dawson, whose property portfolio generates a net income of several thousand dollars per week. Sarah Megginson from Your Investment Property Magazine reports.” … more » Commercial property investing
Dolf de Roos
Company: Dolf de Roos
  “Many people are familiar with Dolf through his prolific work in the realm of real estate investing – he has taught in over 25 countries, and has written 15 books on real estate including the New York Times bestseller Real Estate Riches. However, Dolf has also been prolific in other areas business including Technology Transfer, taking companies global, mentoring business … more » Business Coach; Business investing; Buying wholesale; Mentoring; Property investing education; Property seminars; wealth management
Ben Dempster    
Paul Do    
Karen Dobson
Company: Negative2Positive
Paul Dobson
Company: Negative2Positive
  “Your Property Should Make You Money – Not Lose It! Like us, were you sold the ‘negative gearing’ dream? The dream went, ‘sure your rental property will lose money but that will be overcome by negative gearing and capital gain’. Trouble is, the great saviour that was capital gain has gone missing… Receive a report specific for your property showing … more » Joint ventures; Positive cash flow; Property investing; Property investing education
Geoff Doidge
Company: Reno Kings
  “and Paul Eslick … aka Reno Kings – run workshops sharing their knowledge with hundreds of ordinary Australians keen to learn the secrets of smart property investment Reno Kings style. “Brilliant”, “life-changing”, “inspiring” are just some of the words people use to describe the Reno Kings workshops. And the gospel according to the Reno Kings? “The best way to profit from … more » Property investing; Property seminars; Renovations
Alison Dunn    
Justin Eslick
Company: Investigate Property
  “we locate, investigate and negotiate for you” … more » Buyers agent
Paul Eslick
Company: Investigate Property
  “and Geoff Doidge … aka Reno Kings – run workshops sharing their knowledge with hundreds of ordinary Australians keen to learn the secrets of smart property investment Reno Kings style. “Brilliant”, “life-changing”, “inspiring” are just some of the words people use to describe the Reno Kings workshops. And the gospel according to the Reno Kings?  “The best way to profit … more » Property investing education; Property seminars; Renovations
Stephen Fagan
Company: Inspiration HomesUrban Development Solutions
  Contrarian “Steve Fagan is up to his old tricks again. He sucked in my partner and I and admittedly many other families, to signing a contract and building with his new company Inspiration Homes. To keep it short, the properties are of terrible quality and majority of them have been left unfinished. He pushed through and took as many progress … more » Property investing; real estate
Andrew Farnden
Company: Re-Innovate
John Fitzgerald
Company: Wealth Builders
David Fleming
Company: Equity Resource
Jennifer Fordham Leppitsch    
Will Foster    
Michael Fuller
Company: Redwerks
  “helps property investors accelerate property returns by using value-adding strategies to effectively acquire properties at ‘developer cost price’, locking in immediate equity and capital gains. Based in Sydney, the mission of Redwerks is to help our clients achieve financial independence through residential property investment. Instead of buying new property at retail prices and waiting years or decades for the property … more » Buying wholesale; Developing; Education; Property investing education
Dale Gatherum Goss    
Sue Gatherum Goss    
Jon Giannopoulos    
Paul Giezecamp    
Adam Gilbert
Company: Residual Wealth
Brian Gillett
Company: Knowledge Source Property Entrepreneuer Massland
  Contrarians: Property Investing Forum Property Chat Forum Somersoft Forum Associate: Mark Rolton “[Rolton/Gillett spiel] … is no ordinary investor… He had accumulated a property portfolio of 10 properties in a 5-year window. This put him into the 1% club of real estate investors in Australia… and he was featured in several major property magazines. But for Brian, he was moving too … more » Property investing; Property investing education; Property options; Property seminars
Chris Gray
Company: Your Empire
  “is a specialist buyers agency and property investment consultancy that manages property and clients nationally. Empire was founded by Chris Gray, host of Your Property Empire on Sky News Business Channel, property expert on Channel 9′s MyHome show and Financial Expert on Channel 10s The Renovators. Chris proves the Empire strategy works, having retired from full time work at the … more » Buyers agent; Mentoring; Property investing education
Kevin Green    
Jeff Grochowski
Company: Accrue Property
  “we tailor direct property transactions to match the specific needs and objectives of individual clients. By providing a safe and tested buyers advocacy process, we work side by side with our members to ensure that they avoid common property mistakes and pitfalls and maximise their potential. In addition to providing expert property advice, we also consult with our affiliates in … more » Education; Property investing; Property investing education; real estate; SMSF - property
Dominique Grubisa
Company: Distressed Property Australia Cheap Homes Australia
  See comments Somersoft Proerty Investors Forum: Associates: Stuart Zadel Dominique Grubisa is “a real estate guru who has created a very simple and systematic approach to buying distressed property. She has made a fortune in property and her system is ideally suited for today’s market. Never before has there been a better time to go to see Dominique speak if … more » Buying distressed property; Buying wholesale; Property investing education; Property seminars
William Guthrie Nielson    
Brian Haratsis
Company: Macroplan
  “is Australia’s leading Property Advisory Consultancy. We have delivered innovative and strategic advice to a number of significant projects that have contributed to the evolution and changing face of Australia’s landscape. We offer astute and responsive services and expertise, the personal approach of a family business, and the essence of community awareness … Our approach is centred on delivering precise … more » Developer; Property investing; real estate
Troy Harris
Company: Rookie Developer
  “A Simple Blueprint For Safe And Secure Property Developing If you are new to property investing, and you want to make the right decision when it comes time to invest, then congratulations! You’re in the right place at the right time to take your first steps into the exciting and lucrative world of property developing. If you’re like most of … more » Developing; Property investing; Property investing education
Josique Hartog    
Phil Hartog
Company: OHL Group
Dr Tony Hayek
Company: Blue Wealth
Ian Hosking Richards
Company: Rocket Property Group
  “started Rocket Property Group in 2007 to help others become successful property investors by sharing his formula for success. This has been called the The Rocket Science System and its goal is to give each client a step by step program whether they are a beginner, intermediate or advanced investor. It is based on Ian’s real life success story of … more » Buy & Hold; Mentoring; Property investing; Property investing and Renovation education; Real estate agent
Chris Howard    
Xenia Ioannou
Company: Alexa Real Estate
Hans Jakobi    
James Denham
Company: Positive Property Investments
  “we are all passionate property investors – with over 40 years of combined experience in real estate, property development, property investing and finance. Together we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a comprehensive property coaching and investment service… Adrian Tessieri is one of the co-founder of Positive Property Investments and as CFO is responsible for overseeing the financial activities … more » Developers; Mentoring; Property Coaching; Property investing; Source property
Ruby Janssen    
Jeremy Sheppard
Company: Redwerks
  “helps property investors accelerate property returns by using value-adding strategies to effectively acquire properties at ‘developer cost price’, locking in immediate equity and capital gains. Based in Sydney, the mission of Redwerks is to help our clients achieve financial independence through residential property investment. Instead of buying new property at retail prices and waiting years or decades for the property … more » Buying wholesale; Developing; Property investing hot spots Reports; Real estate data
Phil Jones    
Henry Kaye   Contrarians: Henry Kaye probed over $100 million land-banking schemes … more » Land banking
Bernard Kelly    
Mike Kelly
Company: Positive Cashflow
Zaffir Khan    
Ben Kingsley
Company: Empower Wealth The Property Couch Podcasts
  “is the Chair of Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) and Founding Director ofEmpower Wealth. A qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA), he holds a Real Estate Agency License (VIC, NSW and QLD), a Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management, Diploma of Business and has become one of Australia’s leading experts in property investing for wealth creation. Ben founded Empower … more » Mortgage broker; PIPA; Property investing; Property investing education; Real estate agent
Benjamin Kingsley
Company: Empower Wealth Advisory
  “is a multi award professional property and financial advisory firm based in Melbourne. Our team of qualified and experienced professionals offer independent and tailored property investment advice and buyers agent services, along with fully integrated mortgage broking and financial planning services to best meet our clients needs. Whether it is buying your first home, finding the right home loan, or … more » Buyers agent; Financial planning; Mortgage broker; Property investing
Peter Koulizos (aka ‘the property professor”
Company: Property Planning Australia
  See ANALYSTS and COMMENTATORS Associates: Property Planning Australia … more » Property investing; Property investing education; Property investing hot spots Reports; real estate
Salena Kulkarni
Company: US Property Splash
Gary Leather    
Jenny Leather    
Ian Leslie    
Katrina Lockhart    
Nick Lockhart
Company: MRD Mentoring Research and Development
  “provide property investment expertise that drives long-term wealth creation for your family’s future. Our strategy is based on two simple principles: treating property investment like a business and, most importantly, treating our clients like partners. … founded in 2002 by Nick Lockhart. MRD was developed to educate, empower and assist property investors throughout their investment journey, offering sound investment strategies, the … more » Financial planning; Property investing; Superannuation; Wealth education
Libby Lombardo    
Look at Property | Property Couch
Company: Look at property Property Couch
  Ben Kingsley and Bryce Holdaway – Tuesday Night’s on TV4ME Ch74/64 @ 8 PM “Look at Property has presented hundreds of stories about all aspects of property. So no matter if your are buying, selling, Investing or just love taking a look. Then chances are you will find stories and information which will help on your property journey. The show is … more » Property investing; Property investing education; Source property
Jason Marianoff    
Katie Marshall
Company: Chicks and Mortar
  “Founded in 2009 by Katie Marshall, Chicks and Mortar was established after Katie – a self confessed property fanatic – found that most of the property investing information on the market was skewed towards strategies that only suited the companies that were offering the information and the properties they were selling. What was best for the investor was not even … more »  
Stephen McClatchie    
Steve McKnight
Company: Propertyinveting.com
  “was born out of Steve McKnight’s need to communicate honest and non-nonsense information about successful real estate investing. In late 2002 the current site format and layout went live, with vastly expanded resources and facilities. However, while there is a new look and feel, the aim of Property Investing.com remains the same – to deliver information about what works (and … more » Forum; Property investing education; Property seminars
McLellan Cam
Company: OpenCorp Open Wealth Creation
  “Our team of property specialists guide people step-by-step to build successful investment portfolios in the Australian market. We’ve been helping family and friends build property portfolios for decades. To date our property experts have been involved in more than $4 billion worth of property transactions, helping Australians acquire more than 7000 homes and investment properties…. We love teaching people how … more » Mentoring; Property investing education; real estate
Bill Meehan    
Angelo Mena
Company: Alexa Property Group
  “is a specialist property sales company focusing only on the sale of real estate and the needs of the vendor. As a member of the Alexa property group, Alexa Real Estate has an intimate understanding of all the facets of the real estate industry and as such is able to combine its knowledge of both the selling and buying process … more » Real estate agent
Steven Molnar    
Wendy Moore    
Steve Navra    
Nhan Nguyen    
Malcolm Allan (Rick) O’Shea    
Melissa Opie
Company: Property Rich
  “Do you want to learn how to choose the best investment properties, double the value of your investments every 7–8 years and do it all using only the bank’s money? Property Rich shows you how. This site has been created by Melissa Opie aka “The Property Lady” and Stephen Zamykal to complement the 2010 book, Property Rich. This site builds … more » Property investing; Property investing education
Rick Otton
Company: We Buy Houses
  Contrarians: Dymphna Boholt gives undertakings after caught in examinations by regulator into property promotion investment schemes Property Observer “is a self-made millionaire, property investor and coach, based in Sydney, Australia. He authored of one of the top 10 most popular finance books in 2013, voted by Money Magazine and Dymocks Bookstores. Now an internationally recognised authority on vendor finance and as director of We … more » Property investing; rent to buy; wraps
Dean Parker    
Elise Parker    
Cathy Jayne Pearce   Former real estate identity Cathy Jayne Pearce — now Cathy Jayne Hogben — to face new fraud claims after crashing Mercedes Benz … more »  
Angelo Piazzetta
Company: Property Planning Australia
  [David Johnston, James McFall] “is an independently owned and operated financial services company with a focus on independent property advice and genuine fee for service investment advice. We are a group of professional and experienced advisors who have a vision to change the investment advice landscape and provide transparent information so you can make informed decisions. Our team consists of fully … more » Financial planning; Mortgage broker; Property investing education; Property seminars
Glenn Piper
Company: Meridian Property
Property Meeting   Property Meeting “was created back in 2010 by a group of experienced property investors who recognised the need for like-minded people to come together to share ideas, exchange contacts and learn from each other in a relaxed social environment. Each State & Territory of Australia hosts local meetings run by ‘seasoned’ property investors with a passion for supporting others.Whether you’re just starting … more » Property investing; Property investing education
PropertyMeeting.com.au    “was created back in 2010 by a group of experienced property investors who recognised the need for like-minded people to come together to share ideas, exchange contacts and learn from each other in a relaxed social environment.  Each State & Territory of Australia hosts local meetings run by ‘seasoned’ property investors with a passion for supporting others. Whether you’re just … more » Networking; Property investing education
Fred Rasheed    
RealEstateView   “was first launched in 2001 and has fast become one of Australia’s leading real estate portals. We’re a passionate group of real estate people, who understand that buying and selling property is an emotional experience, as important in many ways as the other great milestones of life. And finding rental accommodation can be hard; particularly these days when there are … more » Real estate agent
Tom Reincke
Company: Wealth with Property
Trent Richards    
Tim Riley
Company: Property Collectives
Mark Rolton
Company: Massland
  Contrarians: Over promise under deliver: Wealth Seminars – Due Diligence Checks on Promoters: “It makes my skin crawl to see get-rich-quick spruikers (like Mark Rolton) tout themselves with pics of Trump, Robbins, Branson, Kiyosaki etc” Twitter Neil Jenman See Somersoft Forums Thread “[his spiel] has a track record of success and delivering innovative property development strategies.   Mark Rolton has dedicated his … more » Developing; Property options; Property seminars; Wealth education
Damien Roylance
Company: iProperty Plan
Terry Ryder
Company: Hotspotting
  See ANALYSTS and COMMENTATORS … more » Property investing hot spots Reports
Sam Saggers
Company: Positive Real Estate
  “are the leading real estate investing agency helping Australians and Kiwis build security and wealth through property investing. CEO Sam Saggers and Founder Jason Whitton are renowned for securing some of the safest and most profitable investment properties in Australia and widely recognised as industry leaders in real estate investing.” … more » Buying off the plan; Buying wholesale; Property investing club; Property seminars
Jeremy Sheppard    
David Siacci
Company: The Siacci System
Julie Siacci
Company: The Siacci System
Phillip Sigglekow
Company: Asset Corporation
Cameron Silverhall Anderson
Company: Silverhall
Mike Silverhall Anderson
Company: Silverhall
Medine Simmons    
Anthony Simon
Company: Hot Property News
Simple Home Invest   “is one of Australia’s leading property investment specialists, with over a decade of experience, having helped hundreds become property investors. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to take control of their financial future, and to achieve greater financial security. Sadly, many Australians are forced to retire on the pension, unable to achieve many of their financial and lifestyle goals. But it doesn’t … more » Property financing; Property investing education; Property management
Jane Slack – Smith
Company: Your Property Success
  “Thinking about property investment … But Not Sure Where to Start? … I take a low risk, no-nonsense approach to property investing. Having built my own multimillion dollar portfolio I’m now helping others to do the same. I’ve spent thousands of hours finding out what works (and what doesn’t) so you don’t have to… You’ve got the goal, now get … more » Property investing and Renovation education
Ann Somers    
Ian Somers
Company: Somersoft
Jan Somers
Company: Somersoft
  “Our Aim: To help fellow investors discover the wonderful benefits that property has to offer…Somersoft is a publishing company that specialises in helping residential property investors. Formed originally in 1989 by Ian and Jan Somers as Somerset Financial Services Pty Ltd, its role has been one of research, analysis and education. While many organisations use our material to assist their … more » Forum; Property investing education; Property investment software
Peter Spencer
Company: Australian Property Panel
  “was born into virtual poverty on an English council estate. His family struggled so badly that he and his brothers and sisters wore patched hand-me-downs and frequently went without shoes. But Peter never gave up. His desire for a better life led him to Australia where he became one of Australia’s biggest property investors and a highly sought after consultant. … more » Developer commission; Property investing education; Source property
Ana Stankovic    
Rick Stapleton    
Sean Summerville    
Peter Sun   “Love Australian real Estate? I’m involved in one of Australia’s real estate information products where we show folks how to invest in real estate and create a side cash flow from this.” “Buying And Selling Secrets Discover 10 ways to sell your property for more than it’s worth and 3 locations where you can still buy properties for under 300k! … more » Online business; Property investing; Property investing education
Philip Thomas    
Dr John Tickell    
Stephen Tolle    
Jack Tran    
Eric Trieu    
Donald Trump    
Craig Turnbull
Company: Property Millionaire PLBrickraise Hillsfar Property Group Aspire
  “was born in Fremantle, Western Australia, in 1963. As one of four children in a family that struggled to make ends meet, he learned the value of money early in life and grew up with a keen desire to become wealthy. In 1982, he read the first BRW Rich 200 List and discovered that most of Australia’s wealthiest people either … more » Property investing; Property investing education; real estate
Les Unferdorben    
Monique Wakelin
Company: Wakelin Property Advisory
  “is dedicated solely to finding and negotiating the purchase of the highest quality residential property for our clients to invest in. We work only with residential property – that’s what we know best. Founded in 1995, Wakelin Property Advisory has built a reputation as Melbourne’s foremost and respected residential property expert. We have a track record of consistently delivering 8 … more » Buyers agent; Negotiation; Property investing; Property investing education; Real estate agent
Bruce Watt    
Peter Waxman    
Stuart Wemyss    
Gabriel Werden   Beware Gabriel Werden | Fake Mortgage Guru ACA – A Current Affair May 2014. Also known as Charlie Crisp. Avoid property scammers such as these if you are thinking of investing in property. … more » Finance scams; Home Loans; Mortgage broker
Russ Whitney    
Michael Whitrow
Company: Real Team
  “A complete service from a buyers agent includes sourcing property (including off-market property), negotiating the contract and coordinating all paperwork and services to complete the buying of the property. Buyers agents charge a professional fee to the buyer which is usually eclipsed by money saved in the price of the property purchased. If necessary, the buyer can remain anonymous throughout … more » Buyers agent
Jason Whitton
Company: Positive Real Estate
Brent Williams
Company: Brent Williams
Pete Williams    
Women in Focus
Company: Commonwealth Bank
  “Creating Opportunity for Women in Business Women in Focus is a vibrant community of women in business across Australia doing extraordinary things. It’s free to join, and by joining you can find a valuable support base, attend events, promote your business and share expertise.” … more » Networking; Women
John Wood    
Justin Wood    
Michael Yardney
Company: Metropole
  Pro and Con comments in Somersoft Forum. “founded Metropole Properties Pty. Ltd. Initially starting in residential property investment and then advancing to commercial and industrial real estate, Metropole became involved in property development in the early 1980′s. Michael has been involved in commercial, industrial and residential property development as well as a number of large broad acre subdivisions. Michael Yardney is … more » Buyers agent; Developing; Free property report; Property investing education; Renovations
Kevin Young
Company: The Investors Club
  “is a leading property investment company that assists investors through every stage of the investment process. With an extensive network throughout Australia, we have researched, sourced and sold nearly 17,000 properties in Australia and New Zealand to more than 14,000 investors since we were established in 1994. More than 3,500 of these investors today hold property portfolios worth more than … more » Property investing club
Stuart Zadel
Company: Zadel Property Education
  “is the CEO and Founder of Zadel Property Education, and has trained more than 40,000 attendees live at his events since 2007. Considered by many to be an authority on personal development and human potential, he is a dynamic and entertaining speaker with a powerful ability to connect, educate and inspire. Stuart is the mastermind and MC of the ‘Ultimate … more » Property investing education; Renovations; Wealth education
Paul Zalitis    
Stephen Zamykal
Company: Property Rich
  “Do you want to learn how to choose the best investment properties, double the value of your investments every 7–8 years and do it all using only the bank’s money? Property Rich shows you how. This site has been created by Melissa Opie aka “The Property Lady” and Stephen Zamykal to complement the 2010 book, Property Rich. This site builds … more » Property investing; Property investing education
Adrian Zenere    
Amber Zenere