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If you’re looking for specific types of property investing service providers (such real estate agents, mortgage brokers, property managers, developers) … go to our Directory  Property investing Ancillary Service Providers


All investing strategies have their Pros and Cons. Beware of some common property investing unsubstantiated claims warns Margaret Lomas, involving:

    • Wraps (Rent to buy)
    • Renovating
    • Buying overseas
    • Investment Clubs
    • Contracts with a ‘rebate’
    • More than one company
    • Cash flow mortgages ( ‘Scam Alert’ Margaret Lomas, Wealth Magazine 2010(no longer available)  )

See too Not Fooled by Property Spruiker’s Hype which reposts some good articles by Scott Pape and Leith van Onselen.

Here are some of the strategies,  tools (and some pros and cons) and circumstances in real estate (property) investing – to help you understand the industry and choose your strategy.

GlossaryinvestEd  – a fantastic website for investing research. Go to their forums to chat and ask other investors questions.

PropertyChat (replacing Somersoft Property Investors Forums) where you can ask investing questions and investors share their experiences, tips and resources.

Investopedia (USA) – extensive definitions and information, but American context.

Vendor finance An introduction to vendor finance for real estate in Australia Cordato Partners (lawyers)


“We Buy Houses” claims from rent to buy promoters prompts fine Jennifer Duke – Property Observer

Property spruikers under investigation by state governments amid rent-to-buy and vendor finance deal concerns

The wrapping scams; ‘RENT TO BUY’ SCHEMES New name for an old scam” – Neil Jenman

 Cons: Should I Buy Bargain Basement US Property? Scott Pape

    • Retirement properties
    • Student accommodation Student Housing Australia
    • Timeshare

Cons: More than one company

“SMSFs are being targeted by sophisticated fraudsters who go to great lengths to deceive, including sending information packs to victims and setting up fake websites to appear legit. In a speech at the Self-Managed Superannuation Professionals’ Association of Australia last year, Australian Crime Commission executive director David Lacey said up to 10 victims a week in Australia were losing savings from $35,000 to $4 million.”
Buying Property With A Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Real Estate Investar
    • Trusts

Property Developing 101 Series Peter Koulizos – has some useful development ideas and tips.


How to get started in property investing:

Switzer Home Loans FREE Ebooks on property investing:

  • The Guide to Property for Homeowners
  • How to maximise th ereturn on your investment
  • 4 things you must do if you’re buying property in 2015
  • Negative gearing explained
  • 4 ways to pay off your mortgage faster
  • Finding the right home loan – what everbody needs to know

The Switzer Guide to Property Investing

The SMSF Guide to Property Investing

Margaret Lomas “20 Must Ask Questions for Every Property Investor” Book

[Podcast] Margaret Lomas’s 20 Must Ask Questions – Real Estate Talk

You Tube Series Margaret Lomas’s 20 Must Ask Questions | Question # 1

7 things to do before investing Nila Sweeney –


JT Reed How to get started in real estate investment

Blue Wealth Property Research methodology

  • Australian property bubble

ABC’s …”The Business” Covers ….. “The Bubble” You Tube 13, 14, 16 April 2015

Are Australian property prices heading over a cliff? The Motley Fool

The Drum: Tread warily in the real estate war of words

No evidence of a Property bubble? Not quite

RBA is blowing the mother of all housing bubbles Chris Joye

A bit of historical perspective – from 2010!

Is there a housing bubble that’s about to burst in Australia? (video) Alan Kohler

Bubble or paradigm shift Michael McNamara

Peak Debt marks the limits of affordability Michael McNamara

Far from the madding property crowd Margaret Lomas on false media analysis, forecasting and reporting on booms, busts and more.

Property Doubles Every 7 to 10 years

  • Property Investing Groups, Forums and Tools

Many property investing community groups, forums and others share their tips and tools, such as spreadsheets on keeping track of your investment portfolio and more:

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