#1 BiG Book of Wealth Creation Strategies and Gurus

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(listed below) give direct advice, often on a combination of investments.

They’re people who give, or have given, information and advice on wealth creation (not financial planners – these are in our Directory). They usually specialise in a particular method or strategy.

They could focus mainly on shares or business – so may be in those BiG Books if not here.

Comparing the Lives of 5 of the Greatest Investors of All Time Elite Wealth – looks at Warren Buffett, John Templeton, Peter Lynch, Benjamin Graham and John Bogle.

The ‘About’ column simply quotes their marketing blurb – hence the “…” (so we don’t misrepresent or misquote their claims).

If we’ve  reviewed them (under our Traffic Light System) we rate them: red, yellow, green. If we receive any information and feedback on them (which includes any suggested ratings by you), they may be re rated to a different colour.  If we find  negative information or feedback, they may go back in colour. We invite you to send your feedback, or how you would rate them.

(You can find people who provide ancillary services, finance, or financial products – such as accountants and financial planners (may also be in Lists 1 and 2) in our BiG Directory which is updated as we get more information, feedback and referrals from BiG subscribers.)

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  Rating About Strategies
Australian Scholarship Group   Scott Pape says Steer Clear! See his video on other Investment Bond providers instead! … more » Investment Bonds
Darius Barazandeh    
Jordan Belforte   Belforte (see Wikipedia) (aka the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’) is a convicted former USA stockbroker with 2 autobiographical books,  retold in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street (played by Leonardo DiCaprio). Now a motivational speaker, Belforte walked out of an Australian 60 Minutes interview when questioned about his income, verbal contracts and repayment obligations to investors who had lost money through his … more »  
Paul Blackburn
Company: Beyond Success
  …” has been helping people to achieve their dreams since 1984… Paul and Mary, decided they wanted to ‘change the world’ by teaching and training others to reach their potential. In more than 30 years they have never wavered from this intention, and today are proud to own Australia’s most influential and successful personal development company.” … more » Business Coach; Life Coach; Marketing; Mentoring
Mark Bouris
Company: Yellow Brick Road Wealth Management
  “Mark Bouris has established a successful career from building disruptive businesses to challenge the market and provide smarter solutions for consumers. Mark’s current positions include Executive Chairman of Yellow Brick Road Group (ASX:YBR), Executive Chairman of TZ Limited (ASX:TZL) and Chairman of Anteo Diagnostics (ASX:ADO). He is also Adjunct Professor for Banking & Finance and Business Law & Tax at … more » Business investing; Entrepreneur; wealth management
Rachel Bourke
Company: Rachel Bourke International
  “started her career as the Founder of one of Sydney’s most successful Personal Fitness Training Companies. At only 22 years of age and within only 1 month of opening the doors, Rachel took this business from 0 to over 40 hrs of PT clients per week. Rachel moved to London in 2006 and as the BDM for a leading Personal … more » Marketing; Sales
Company: brightday
  “is a new type of super fund, where super knowledge and super investing come together. It’s a super fund that lets you take control, all online, with guidance when you need it along the way. Everyone’s needs are different and so there’s no “one size fits all”. There’s just a broad range of research and education for each different level … more » share market investing and trading; Superannuation; Wealth education; wealth management
Budget my Coin   “is where you come when you need help to get your finances under control. Do you know where your money goes each month? Are you struggling to lead the life you imagined because of your financial situation? …  we aim to provide as much free information on ways to save money as possible. Through our informative and entertaining blog posts, and … more » Budgetting
Warren Buffett
Company: Berkshire Hathaway
  … too much to write on the world’s most famous, successful investor – see Wikipedia. But here are some interesting articles: Beating Buffet Elite Wealth … more » Business investing
BullionMark   Mark’s passionate about bullion and generous with his time and knowledge. He showed me around their Sydney office 4 yrs ago as I researched for BiG. The website has fantastic information so check them out if you’re thinking of investing in Gold, Silver, Platinum. They claim to be: “Australia’s leading integrated bullion company, assisting clients to buy gold and silver … more » Bullion; Gold; Platinum; Silver
Michael Burnett
Company: Empowernet International
  “is Australia’s largest and most successful events promoter of large-scale Wealth Creation, Business and Personal Development programs.”     … more » Business investing; Personal Development; Property seminars; Wealth education
Petrus Carstens
Company: Wealth Dynamics
Tom Corley
Company: Rich Habits Institute
  Mentoring; Personal Development; Self development; Wealth education
Suzi Daphnis
Company: Your Success Club
  and The Australian Businesswomen’s Network (ABN) is an online membership community designed to teach women the skills to start, manage and grow their business.” … more » Marketing; Networking; Personal Development; Women
Darren Herft
Company: Amma invest
Murray Dawes
Company: Share Caf
Julio De Laffitte
Company: JDL Strategies
  “We provide a team of specialists who work together to deliver the best outcome for you. I believe JDL Strategies has changed the investment landscape forever. I see now other companies copying our model and I think that is great. Now everyday, people from all walks of life from hard working Australians to hard core entrepreneurs have access to information, … more » Financial planning; Wealth education
Jack Delosa
Company: The Entourage and MBE Education
  “is a Gen Y entrepreneur and investor and was recently described by Sunrise as “The Young Aussie Millionaire That Didn’t Finish Uni.” Jack has been named in Australia’s top 10 entrepreneurs under 30 in Dynamic Business Magazine and SmartCompanies Hot 30Under30. From having his company listed in the Fastest 50 Start-Ups in Australia, to acquiring businesses with his panel of … more » Education; Entrepreneurship
John Demartini   Associates: Jack Delosa (Aus) see video interview Living Your Highest Values His claims: “Human Behavior Specialist, Educator, Business Consultant and Internationally Published Author  Dr Demartini is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on human behavior and personal development. He is the founder of the Demartini Institute, a private research and education organization with a curriculum of over 72 different … more » Human behaviour; Motivation; Personal Development
Dan Denning    
Marc Dussault    
Harv Ekar    
Mal Emery    
Kate Engler    
Keily Fabe    
George Faddoul    
Sandy Forster
Company: Wildly Wealthy Women
Randy Gage (USA)    
Robert Gerrish    
Pete Godfrey    
Peter Hagerty
Company: The Source Foundation
Nik Halik
Company: Financial Freedom Institute
Roger Hamilton
Company: Wealth Dynamics
Mike Handcock
Company: Rock your life
Scott Harris    
Darren Herft    
Christopher Howard    
Ronnie Kagan    
Michael Kemp   “has worked both as a money market dealer and in Corporate Finance both in Australia and overseas. Michael released his first book in 2010 titled “Creating Real Wealth” and is currently working as an analyst with the Barefoot team [Scott Pape The Barefoot Investor]. Michael’s passion relates to personal finance with an emphasis on stock market investment. Michael holds an … more »  
Daniel Kertcher    
Ben Kingsley
Company: Empower Wealth Advisory Group
Robert Kiyosaki
Company: Rich Dad
  Contrarians JT Reed Real Estate BS Checklist. Kiyosaki is the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad – his spiel – “This is the #1 personal finance book of all time, which has challenged and changed the way tens of millions of people around the world think about money. His book title holds four of the top ten spots on Nielsen Bookscan List’s … more » Entrepreneur; Financial education; Property investing; Property investing education; Property seminars; Wealth education
Christopher Koch    
Loral Langmeyer    
Melanie MacDonald
Company: Capitalist Hippy
  Business investing; Property investing
Joanna Martin
Company: One of many Shift Lifestyle Shift Speaker Training
  ” One of Many – Like any company, we come from many. We are women and men grounded in the experiences of business, education, success, childbirth, health, relationships and have higher education in “life in general”. We are authentic; we promise to be what we say we are, and do what we say we can. We are open minded; we are on a … more » Business Coach; Personal Development; Women and Business; Women and investing
Mark McCauley    
Roy McDonald    
Brett McFall    
Jamie McIntyre
Company: 21st Century
  Contrarians: Jamie McIntyre Exposed Land banking company linked to Henry Kaye collapses Henry Kaye probed over $100 million land-banking schemes How to be more like Jamie McIntyre: Inside a spruiker’s seminar Ben Schneiders The Age 2015 McIntyre is involved in many areas of wealth creation – share trading, real estate (particularly land banking), education and mentoring. He’s a regular seminar presenter, … more » Blogging; Education; Land banking; Mentoring; Passive income; Property investing education; Property seminars; Share trading; US property investing
Tony Melvin    
George Mihos
Company: George Mihos Today Not Tomorrow Institute
  Contrarians: Jenman: My Brother and George Mihos and Sham testimonials “… was one of the youngest players ever in the National Soccer League. His life changed overnight at the age of 20, when his young cousin was diagnosed with leukemia and given just six months to live. Her death inspired George to think deeply about the meaning his own life. The journey took … more » Education; Wealth education
Stephen Molner    
Roger Montgomery
Company: Montgomery Investment Management Pty Ltd
  “founded the office of Montgomery Investment Management Pty Ltd,montinvest.com, in 2010 following a successful career as a fund manager, public company chairman and most recently, best-selling investment author. Montgomery Investment Management is independent, managing funds for a small group of private individuals and families, their companies, trusts, superannuation funds and charitable foundations. Investors can depend on a singular focus on … more »  
Travis Morien    
Kerr Neilson
Company: Platinum Asset Management
  “has over 40 years of experience in financial markets both in broking and funds management.  This has involved a stint in London, followed by managing the research department for a stockbroker in South Africa.  Upon migrating to Australia he joined Bankers Trust, where he made important contributions to the development of that company’s highly successful retail funds management division. Kerr … more » share market investing and trading; wealth management
Brendan Nichols    
Barbara Page    
Stephen Pierce    
Guy Pounder    
Shaun Pounder    
Kerwin Rae
Company: Business Mastery International
  “For small to medium-sized business owners who are dissatisfied with their lack of results or who simply want to accelerate growth. We specialize in educating, training and supporting business owners to identify, plan and manage your marketing, sales and strategic planning in order to grow your business fast. We provide you the tools, strategies, and tactics to accelerate your growth … more » Business Coach; Business Seminars; Entrepreneur; Marketing; Mentoring; Wealth education
Sean Rasmussen    
Vicki Robin
Company: Your Money or Your Life
  “is a prolific [US] social innovator, writer and speaker. She is coauthor with Joe Dominguez of the international best-seller, Your Money or Your Life: Transforming Your Relationship With Money and Achieving Financial Independence (Viking Penguin, 1992, 1998, 2008). It was an instant NY Times best seller in 1992 and steadily appeared on the Business Week Best Seller list from 1992-1997. … more » Communication; Money and Relationships; Sustainable living; Wealth education
Dave Rogers    
Sandy Forster
Company: Wildly Wealthy
Kris Sayce    
Rik Schnabel    
Scott Harris
Company: Millionaire Mentor
Scott Pape
Company: The Barefoot Investor
  See Analysts and Commentators … more » Financial education; share market investing and trading; Wealth education
Peter Spann    
Brad Sugars    
Bret Thomson   Copywriting; Marketing; Online
Peter Thornhill    
Marguerita Vorobioff
Company: Conscious Wealth Institute
  “… are committed to helping you achieve financial wealth, happiness, harmony, balance and freedom in all areas of your life. We do this through the use of powerful transformation techniques like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping) and Sound Healing, to make critical changes to your subconscious mind so you can realise your infinite power and potential and achieve more than you … more » EFT; Personal Development; Wealth education
Pete Williams    
Ann Wilson
Company: Financial Freedom University
  “[The Wealth Chef] is a multi-millionaire with a difference. She didn’t have a huge family inheritance, a business she sold for millions, or a lucky win on the lottery. She simply learned how to master a key ingredient in life – money- and use it to live her dreams and become financially free. Even as a young woman Ann was … more » Money management; Property investing education; share market investing and trading; Wealth education; wealth management
Judeth Wilson    
David Wright