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  • start investing
  • changing jobs or careers, or starting a courses
  • starting or growing your own business

Are your finances a mess? Don’t beat yourself up, even Jack Sparrow struggles… 

Johnny Depp, Hollywood’s fifth highest-paid actor [not sure if he still is!], made headlines in 2017, not for taking home a top prize at Cannes or being photographed on the beach with a topless model, but because a lawsuit filing revealed that – despite the millions he commands per movie – his finances are a mess.

 Who’s good, who’s bad – who knew?

What I do…

For years I’ve been researching, seeking out the good, the bad and the ugly – life, money and investment experts around. Mainly in Australia.

I go to and check out the (free and paid) seminars, subscriptions, information products, e-books, blueprints, ‘secrets’, lists of tips, tricks and hacks.

I watch, listen to and read the videos, webinars, podcasts, websitesblogs and vlogs.

My inbox overflows with the latest, shiniest thing the ‘gurus’ and marketing experts are pushing.

Then… I pop any good stuff into BiG, or on BiG’s Facebook Page.


To help you get reliable, trustworthy, non Google dominated info and advice as you start out in life and building your future.

To give you access to the knowledge and wisdom that many of your parents, teachers or mentors couldn’t. Perhaps you weren’t ready to listen.

To help you avoid costly life and investing mistakes, commonly made by investors, wasting hours researching and  risking being scammed.

I’ve already done lots of the work for you – you’re welcome.

How does Best investment Gurus (BiG) work?

It’s an investing hub that:

  • gives you access (gratis) to all my research and analysis on the people and stuff I’ve found in the lifestyle, money, finance, business, real estate and other investment industries
  • lists a huge number of websites, resources, articles, experts and their claims
  • rates lifestyle, money and investing ‘gurus’ via a Traffic Light system
  • gives you the government and non government organisations to guide you, or to go to if you need help or have problems – I call them Guru Cops
  • BiG’s blog gives you my latest findings and pulls together, and apart, debates such as ‘Are property or shares a better investment?’, ‘What are the risks of share trading?’
  • is independent, transparent and not beholden to search engine ads, but in time will accept limited advertising

So off you go exploring…

Put a name, expert, strategy or topic into BiG’s ‘SEARCH’:

  • Are they here?
  • What’s their rating – red, yellow or green?
  • What pros and cons has BiG found?
  • Do you agree or disagree?

Check out:

All for free and so you can spend more of your precious time and money on living, less on all the crap that’s out there.

All the very best with your life, money and investing.


How to make better choices in your personal life, money and finances. Get help planning your future, superannuation, setting up a business, investing in shares, real estate and other stuff.

How to avoid disasters, be more confident and make better, more informed decisions.

How to find and choose the best experts, mentors and coaches, if you need any.

Where to invest

What area are you ready to explore or find experts to help you with?

Get better at using your money, find out some investing myths, tricks and traps, learn about risk, diversification, superannuation, setting up your own business, buying property or shares or check out some of the 4 money related areas?
Or if it's time to work on a better YOU? Check out investing in YOU, and/or get your Life Planner.







Where to invest

Start exploring the areas most interesting to you

Getting around Best investment Gurus (BiG) especially the top Navigation Bar and the Icons:
SPENDING YOUR MONEY explains how I rate ‘gurus’ and Guru Cops meant to protect you and who keep their beady eyes on finance and investing peeps (with varying degrees of success). The 5 investing areas each have their own drop down menus “Gurus” and “Topics and Strategies”:

Wealth – Gurus and Topics and Strategies
Business – Gurus and Topics and Strategies
Property – Gurus and Topics and Strategies
Shares – Gurus and Topics and Strategies
You – Gurus and Topics and Strategies

Analysts and Commentators (aren’t ‘rated’) helps you find experts with a broader, often more objective overview of investing options.
The BiG Directory has lists, directories and comparison sites for useful products or services and how to find and choose them (eg professionals, such as financial planners, real estate agents, business advisers and  other service providers ). I’ll add to the Directory as I find good providers.

Start Money Life Adventure

you’re welcome to my research to help you find your path and gurus

I understand how long it can take building the lifestyle you want. I also know how hard it is finding advisors you can trust.

So let’s get started on your better, brighter life …

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