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You know how sometimes life gets a little overwhelming? Perhaps you count down the hours until the weekend or your next holiday. Maybe there’s somewhere else you’d rather be, something else you’d rather be doing. Perhaps you’re thinking of changing careers, studying, starting your own business or longing for more time for a passion or two?

If you want to get more from life, your time, your energy, your money …

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I’ve spent years actively researching and seeking out the best of the best (and the worst!) life, money investment experts around – mainly in Australia.

Why? Because I know it’s bloody hard to get

transparent and reliable information and advice.

Who’s good, who’s bad – who knew? 

So, I’ve created Best investment Gurus (BiG) and I blog, to help you find the best information and experts – ‘gurus’ if that’s what you’re after! 

All for free and so you can spend your time on living, less on crap.

Life’s short. Don’t risk making costly mistakes, spending hours researching and risking the scams and scammers happy to take you for a ride. Especially when I’ve already done a lot of the work for you. The seminars, the subscriptions the expertly marketed information products, the blogs, the inbox overflowing with free ebooks, blueprints, the ‘secrets’, the lists of tips, tricks, hacks, the webinars, the podcasts – whatever new shiny thing the latest marketing strategy dictates.

 Take as much time as you like exploring BiG and checking out for yourself the people and stuff I’ve found in the lifestyle, money, finance, business, real estate and other investment industries. The huge amount of websites, resources, articles – the professionals and their claims. Also the government and non government organisations to guide you, or to go to if you have any problems (I call them Guru Cops) along the way. I hope this information, together with my Traffic Light rating, help you decide for yourself whose advice and what strategies interest you and may suit you best.

You’ll learn:

How to make better, more informed choices in life, your superannuation, setting up a business, investing in shares, real estate and more …

How to spend your time, energy and money more independently and confidently.

How to find experts, advisers and coaches. As well as know what you need to know before you choose them.

Where to invest

Your life is your investment.What area do you want to explore, change or find experts to help you with?

If you want to get better at using your money, find out some investing myths, tricks and traps, learn about risk, diversification, superannuation; setting up your own business; buying property or shares;  check out some of the 5 investing areas. 












Where to invest

Feel free to explore an area you’re interested in and discover your options for building a better life and brighter future.

In Wealth, Business, Shares, Property or You, you’ll  find loads of information on various topics and strategies, as well as lists of the experts or ‘gurus’ we’ve found and rated using a ‘traffic light system’. ‘Analysts and Commentators’ is there to help you find experts with a broader, often more objective overview of investing options. The BiG Directory lists directories and comparison sites for products or services you might need and how to find and choose them (eg professionals, such as financial planners, real estate agents, business advisers and  other service providers ). The Directory will gradually grow as I find good providers!

you’re welcome to My research to help you find your path and gurus

I understand how long it takes to build the life you want, have the things you want and spend your time, energy and money in ways that pay off. I also know it’s hard to find advisors you can trust. Here’s a brief video explaining how BiG makes it easier for you.

So get cracking onto to a better, brighter life …

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