10 Things you gotta do before you die. How to build a Bucket List and why it’s so vital you do it now.

Updated December 2020

We all know Covid-19 has changed the world and life as we know it.
But how do you get through it and get some good out of it, and other catastrophies?

Here were some world events around in March 2014 when I wrote this post:

“… starting your day trying to find the latest news on the Malaysian Airlines MH370; the Rolling Stones tragedy;  the South Australian election result, or trying to keep up with other local and world events while at the same time managing your own life and that of your family?”

How the world moves on.


But looking ahead, working on what you can change, some dreaming and planning can help you deal with the stressers and depressers of disasters.

Search topics like ’10 Things to do before you die’ (even 50 Things… Lifehack) and you’ll get (depending on what your Google search history is):

  • adventure travel destinations
  • men’s tips
  • bucket list registers
  • bucket list quizzes

One of my favourites is Helen Pitt’s 10 Things to do Before You Die, SMH 2014 (no longer an active link):

  1. Get your affairs in order for the ‘pointy end’ – to cremate or not
    [My tip: please everyone, it doesn’t matter how young or old you are, at the very least get your Will; Power of Attorney; Advance Care Directives SA (and the like) done]
  2. Live the life you want
  3. Go to funerals
  4. Tell people what they mean to you
  5. Tell your story
  6. Lighten up and laugh
  7. Be kind and expect a mess
  8. Say thank you and I’m sorry
  9. Choose life
  10. Let go

Two views from our family shack at Pt Augusta, South Australia


This one was painted by the sister of a dear friend onto her coffin.

We’d been lucky enough to make the time for a special bucket list trip to the shack,
just prior to her passing from breast cancer.

World calamities happen, so do more direct and personal ones like health, career, work and relationship challenges.


This sunrise is a view like many you could have seen anywhere in the world, your world.

Is this a moment in time for you, a life changing one?

Time to focus on yourself, not others? As Tony Robbins suggests in this video.

How you deal with it is in your hands.

If you don’t start now,

it might soon be too late for you,

you never know

I hope not.


For more ideas on life, loves, passions and bucket lists:

Have a wonderful, happy day and life.


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