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Are you starting your day trying to find the latest news on the Malaysian Airlines MH370; the Rolling Stones tragedy;  the South Australian election result, or trying to keep up with other local and world events while at the same time managing your own life and that of your family? It can all get pretty overwhelming.

Google ’10 Things to do before you die’ and your top 10 results (depending on what Google throws at you given your search history) might include:

  • adventure travel destinations
  • men’s tips
  • bucket list registers
  • bucket list quizzes

My favourite was Helen Pitt’s Sydney Morning Herald Article:

  1. Get your affairs in order for the ‘pointy end’  – to cremate or not [and please everyone at the very least get your Will; Power of Attorney;  Anticipatory Directions (and the like) done]
  2. Live the life you want
  3. Go to funerals
  4. Tell people what they mean to you
  5. Tell your story
  6. Lighten up and laugh
  7. Be kind and expect a mess
  8. Say thank you and I’m sorry
  9. Choose life
  10. Let go

These two pictures are from our family shack at Pt Augusta (South Australia). You can buy the photo (on the left) if you like (just go to their site). The painting on the right was painted by the sister of a dear friend onto her coffin after a special bucket list trip to the shack, before she died of breast cancer.

Before it’s too late! By all means enter our competition before it finishes Monday 24 March midnight (ACST).

Have a wonderful, happy day.