question mark 2Oh the curse of too many questions and decisions! Branding and marketing 101: Connect a brand, product or service with a consumer (pleasure/pain – emotions sell rather than logic). Match its benefits with what the consumer wants (lucky for them if they also need it!) and consumer buys!  So it’s a ‘no – brainer’. No need to even ask a question, you have the answer – decision made. Franchisers know this well.You know that the brand has before, or will, take away some fear or stress (relief), make you feel good (happy, confident, or socially accepted). A celebrity, or someone just like you – likes it! So you go to your favourite branded coffee shop, buy your favourite recognised product. But you are devastated if it’s taken from you –  is no longer made, where you got it moves or closes, or a system or formula is changed.

The problem is, most of our waking time (even when you’re trying to sleep!) is spent having to ask and answer questions and make decisions. Will you get out of bed – or not? What’s the weather going to be? What do you have to do today– will you?  And on it goes …

The questions, answers and decisions you make may:

  • be small (micro) day to day ones, or larger (macro) – bigger picture ones
  • be simple – complex
  • be conscious – subconscious
  • be anticipated – unanticipated
  • involve logic, prioritisation, emotions and communication
  • have become automatic – so life is simple, easy and more manageable

Deciding on a financial investment is no different. Particularly as it involves complex and emotional issues – lots of questions: Why? What? How? Who? When? Risk, reward, diversification, strategy …

No need to get overloaded with information and overwhelmed by emotions. Or risk  it all getting too hard, so you end up distracted and do nothing! You can make a start and by breaking down your questions, such as those in our Investing Guide: 3 Steps and the Questions to ask – for Successful Investing. Here you’ll find a list of investing questions you can ask yourself and others as you consider investing, but broken down into 3 Simple Steps.

  • Get Ready – Do you know what your Target is?
  • Aim – Are you directing your energy at your Target?
  • Fire – Are you doing what you need to do to hit your Target? Did you hit your Target or not?

If you find it a challenge even to get ready. There is so much great information you can find, and so many experts and people with experience who are more than willing to help and share their information.

You can find the best questions, and answers, if you decide you want to. The devil is in the detail!