Looking for Paris in Las Vegas?! When you search for investing information, advice and experts you  want answers that  help you – quickly and easily. You might think you’ve found your perfect investing match, but looks can be deceiving – as in our Vegas holiday snap! What you see may not be what you get. Worse still your friends might think you’re taking a risk and it’s not really love!

Nearly 30 years ago starting out in married life and in our legal career, my husband and I started looking at investing options. I went to an investing seminar by the Queensland property investor Jan Somers. I was attracted to her arguments for  investing in property – direct control over your asset (bricks and mortar), to be able to add value by renovating, the benefits of capital growth and the tax benefits.  Infatuated with the idea of property I was ready to plunge fully into real estate investing and leverage our career income for a more independent and secure  future for us and any kids (should we have any!).

Then along came the relationship advice! Financial advisers, friends and family scared us with horror stories they’d heard about Queensland property spruikers (many of the Trade Practices Act cases did seem to come from there!). An accountant friend suggested we pay off our mortgage first, and that he could suggest an investment in trees that would guarantee us much higher returns.

So we  didn’t buy any real estate and instead bought into a managed fund through a financial planner. We sold out some years later and lost all of our meagre investment!

A decade later (doesn’t property double every 10 yrs – if only I’d bought then!!?)  after a life changing event (my dear dad died)  I  ‘smelt the roses’ and found the courage to  revisit my love for property. But have you ever felt, as I did, that investing advice and options, particularly real estate,  seem endless. The internet, seminars, books, subscriptions, friends, the media –  so many choices!

Most professionals, experts and successful people are passionate about their particular area – especially when it comes to financial investments. Often they’re also great at making what they do, their strategy and modelling them look easy. But have you ever had your expectations about what you could achieve raised – only to be dashed?

Unfortunately you’ll also find opportunists  who take advantage of investing naivety and any lack of investing knowledge or experience. A scam is often hard to see – until it’s too late! Many offer to show, tell or teach you how to  get great results, but are you in the right place? Are these the best people to give you the information and advice? Exactly what product or service is being promised? If you can be clear on some basic questions, your chances of success and happiness will higher – and less chance that you’re taken advantage of or scammed!

5 Tips to investing information and experts to avoid or that may not suit you

The time and effort you put into following our tips (as with due diligence of any investment) is relative.  It varies on things such as – how much you’re investing, its value and importance to you, and your aversion to risk. You can find more specific guides on things to watch out for (see our resources below), but some  tips and very basics you should think about are:

  1. Know why you are attracted to the offer – what do you hope to get from your investment? Is there something else you could do,  or invest in, that would be a better investing step?
  2. Look closely at what you really get and beware of any pitfalls – beyond any marketing hype.
  3. Find out how qualified the person is to give the advice.  The fact that they have done it themselves alone isn’t enough. Check out any other industry providers or consumers with different, or contrarian, opinions about them, their methods or strategies.
  4. Check that claims of the benefits by testimonials, referrals and the like are backed up by genuine and specific evidence of results. Were the results achieved by actually following the advice or systems? Are there any additional, or unforseen costs?
  5. Make sure the results others have got match the results you want

Most investing professionals give their best, honest  advice.  But you’re unlikely to get good results unless you follow advice, recommendations or referrals that are as independent, impartial and as transparent as possible.

There’s no need to gamble! You can easily find many useful resources to help  you with these tips. In our investing report you’ll find some useful resources –  tools, guidelines and checklists to help you pick scams and decide what type of investments may suit you.