Wealth Creation | Investing in Yourself

Achieving Goals; Brain Training; Critical Thinking; Dreams and Passions – to Help You with Money and Investing

Big Tip: Investing isn’t just about property or shares! It can be a fabulous time of self discovery, dreams and deep thinking.
If you want more ideas than the links below, check out BiG’s Investing in You, get our Life Planner, or have a go at [BLIC] BiG’s 30 Day Bucket List Challenge.


Mark Bouris podcast– love it! He says: “F#* goals and goal setting – ‘lofty ideals are better!”

Dr Stephanie A. Burns: Some interesting ideas about goal achievement  and Life exerts itself  – just in case you meet obstacles in achieving your goals.

Neuroplasticity and brain training

Podcasts you will love: Music for your ears and food for your brain Erica Davis, Women’s Agenda

Todd Sampson – can modern science turn your brain into a super brain? TV series Redesign My Brain

Qi. – No such thing as a Fish (podcasts)

Critical Thinking | Information and the Internet

The Internet Makes Us Stupid and Here’s Why by Kabir Sehgal-  Fortune

How to teach students to think critically

Dreams and passions

Dr Seuss Oh, the Places You’ll Go at Burning Man!

Alan Watts: What if money didn’t matter

Dr George Blair-West “Did he live with passion?” “The Greeks, when someone died, asked one question: Did he live with passion? … I attended the funeral of a close friend of more than 30 years who suicided … under the influence of the most severe, treatment-resistant depression I have ever come across…. part of a larger, complicated condition of Bipolar Disorder…”


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