They claim: ‘The Constant Investor promises to:

  • To deliver a weekly analysis of investment markets and the domestic and global economies that won’t always be right, but we’ll constantly strive for accuracy, independence and be more or less complete. In other words, it’s all you will need.
  • To provide you with investment ideas and education that will help in the endless war against bewilderment. We won’t make stock recommendations, but nor will we knowingly interview or discuss bad companies. Where possible we will expose misdeeds, but mostly we’ll just try to give you good ideas.
  • To do these things in both word and sound, so you can read and listen, whichever is convenient at the time.
  • To talk to you constantly via Facebook, which is one of the reasons we called it The Constant Investor. We’ll tell you quickly when something important happens, then tell you what it means and then answer your questions – about that or anything else.
  • And most of all … we’ll live by the other meaning of constant, that is the one in the Oxford Dictionary: the quality of being faithful, dependable and enduring.’