Fixed Income News Australia (FINA)


[Check out their Fixed Income ETF Finder] They say: “…is Australia’s only dedicated source of news, views and information for personal investors in fixed income. Our mission is to provide greater understanding of the important role of fixed income in a diverse, sustainable investment portfolio. We also believe that Australians deserve easier, low cost access to fixed income and will advocate strongly for a more open and transparent market. Through news, education and advocacy, we believe we can help give more Australians a secure and comfortable retirement. Together with our industry partners, we will make fixed income investing easy…
We fight for fixed income.
We are passionate about the role of fixed income in helping Australians live a secure, sustainable retirement.
We are committed to education and increasing the understanding of fixed income and its important role in a balanced portfolio.
We want Australians to feel confident and comfortable investing in fixed income.
We are inspired by investment ideas that help build an income that will allow more Australians to live their best life.
We want an open, transparent fixed income market that is available to ALL Australians.”