Jeremy Sheppard


He claims: “ was founded by Jeremy Sheppard, a keen property investor and a property data nutcase. Starting with $30k in savings Jeremy bought his first investment property in 2002. By 2009 he had acquired a portfolio of 16. Some of his purchases doubled in value in less than 3 years without any renovation, subdivision or development.

“Capital growth is the ant’s pants of property investing. Renos can help, but there’s nothing like building wealth sitting on your hands”, says Jeremy. “I agree you need good cash flow to stay in the game and keep buying. But rent follows prices anyway so pursuing growth is crucial for cash flow too”.

The Demand to Supply Ratio
Jeremy came up with the Demand to Supply Ratio (DSR) in 2009. The idea was to make property investment research faster, consistent and more effective.

“I didn’t want to miss out on the best investment location in Australia. But obviously it’s not possible to manually research 15,000+ suburbs. So I knew technology and automation had to play a big part.” says Jeremy.

Header DSR Logo
The DSR is a number out of 100 that gauges the demand relative to supply for a residential property market. The higher the number the more demand outweighs supply and therefore the more likely capital growth will occur.

“There’s no argument that supply and demand affect prices, we all know that. But I noticed everyone had their own opinion on how changes like infrastructure affect demand or new developments affect supply.” says Jeremy. “Then I realised, it doesn’t really matter what demand might be so much as what demand is relative to supply right now”.

Jeremy has been writing articles for Your Investment Property magazine since 2011 educating investors on how to use data to better their returns. He also regularly contributes to the YIP magazine “Expert Advice” section.

Some of Jeremy’s articles are available on the DSR Education page. And some of the expert advice appearing in YIP mag also appears on the DSR Blog page.

Jeremy’s passion
Jeremy’s key areas of interest are:

  • Capital growth drivers that really work\
  • Accumulation of relevant property data
  • Intelligent interpretation of data
  • Educating investors against spruikers
  • Employing technology to improve research

Jeremy at work
Jeremy has spent half of his life to date as a flash computer programming git for hire. He completed a degree in nerdship at the University of Technology Sydney. His other interests (like you care) include: working out, salsa, cricket, rugby & athletics…”