Michael Pascoe


He says: “is one of Australia’s most experienced and thoughtful finance and economics commentators with four decades in newspaper, broadcast and on-line journalism, covering the full gamut of economic and business issues, as well as occasionally straying into more whimsical matters of the human condition. Despite being a reporter of the “dismal science”, he maintains a sense of humour and the ability to speak and write entertainingly about the state of the nation and world. “I’ve sat through too many boring economics and business presentations to think anyone else should have to,” he says. Increasingly, Pascoe’s body of work represents a fight for keeping perspective amidst the noise and haste of a news cycle with a painfully short attention span and sometimes dubious motives. “There’s more data but less information, more opinion but less thought,” he says. “The low ebb of Australian politics has reduced debate to three-word chants and name calling. Both sides of politics have put the pursuit of power ahead of the best interests of the nation, ahead of being honest with the electorate. It’s never been more important to look through the headlines and political prejudices to find the facts.” Michael Pascoe is a contributing editor for the Fairfax Media BusinessDay web sites, a regular commentator on Channel 7’s Sunrise and news programs, a columnist for Yahoo7 and Mining Monthly and in demand as a speaker and facilitator.”