Owen Raszkiewicz


They say: “[Rask] is a diversified investment advice, news, research, financial education, podcast and money network which is Australian-owned and created right here in sunny Melbourne. Our company was founded in 2017 by Owen Raszkiewicz, originally to provide financial and investment education to the majority of Australians and Kiwis who go without. We’re on a mission to have 10,000 students enrolled in our free finance courses.”
Lots of brilliant finance and investing resources, many Free Courses eg FIRE: Australian Finance Podcast They say: “Your crash course guide to sorting out your finances… every Monday” and  Australian Investors Podcast, with transcripts! They say: “[has] Insights, information and strategies to help you invest your time and money… every Wednesday
Check out their 10-Step Free Financial Independence Ultimate Course [FIRE] and more:

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Investing and Personal Finances Courses:

  • Property 101 Course
  • Ethical Investing 101 Course
  • Free business course: Rask’s Business Starters course
  • Beginner’s ETF Investing Course
  • Money & Budgeting: The Complete Guide
  • Share Valuation Course (Intermediate)
  • Beginner Shares Course
  • Sort out your Super (the easy way)


  • Value Investor Program (online) $799 (as at Oct 2021)