Is a new site launched in June 2015 built by the group who built and managed Somersoft Investing Forums. PC’s aims are like those of Somersoft They say: “to provide a way that property investors can learn about property investment from fellow investors … the forum is a place for investors to: Discuss property investment issues in general; Share reviews and recommendations on a wide variety of investment resources and services (everything from events, books, software, websites, sources of finance, property-accountants, etc); Help each other evaluate property investment opportunities; Keep abreast of important education events (courses, seminars, workshops, etc); Keep up to date on the latest innovative investment techniques; Make friends, keep in touch, motivate, support and mentor each other … [the] Forum [is] a natural extension of what Jan and I have been trying to achieve through our books and software tools: to help fellow property investors and potential property investors gain the knowledge necessary to confidently invest in real estate.”