Rob Balanada


They say:Smart Questions Property Investors Must Ask Their Solicitor (book). Rob is a partner in the Gold Coast based law firm MBA Lawyers. He is a highly regarded educator of property investors and estate agents and the author of the “Made Simple” series of books and CD’s. 

I have been a solicitor since 1978 and this substantial experience has given me an insight into and an understanding of property development investment and acquisition of businesses.

In addition I have been a professional trainer too for a number of educational institutions for more than 25 years of that period where I have lectured on many topics involving the law, property, business and investment.

Further to that, I have presented at many industry and investment conferences on these topics over that period.

I have also been a regular contributor to Australia’s leading property investment magazine, the ‘Australian Property Investor’ on real estate and investment topics for many years and I now write a regular column for that magazine.”