Under the Radar Report


They say: “Under the Radar Report is an independent niche research house which produces research newsletters for investors on the ASX. We are paid by our subscribers and are incentivized by our subscribers making money from our research and re-subscribing. And that’s what our subscribers do.

Our analysts scour the ASX for dynamic small companies (small caps) that we believe will give our subscribers the chance to multiply their returns. We are not PR for small companies.

Under the Radar Report’s team led by Richard Hemming, owner and founder, have been researching and reporting on small caps for more than 20years.

Assisting us in our endeavours is a high powered investment committee, whose members include Geoff Wilson and Karl Siegling.

Under the Radar Report also has access to independent experts within the small cap sector including fund managers and analysts, as well as the management and boards of the companies we are researching and reporting on.

Under the Radar Report gives our subscribers clear Buy, Sell and Hold recommendations on small cap stocks listed on the ASX. We help subscribers choose quality small cap stocks to invest in.

We are independent, which means we are not affiliated with any stockbrokers or investment advisers, whose advice can be self-serving because it is based on corporate fees and commissions. Nor are we paid by the small companies for exposure so we are not PR. We are independent.

Under the Radar Report’s “small cap” market refers to companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) with market capitalisations between $20 million and $300 million.

We cover all industry sectors. The 1500 or so companies we investigate includes everything from gold miners to information technology companies to biotechnology. Because of their small size, these companies are rarely covered anywhere else.”