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Analysts, Commentators, Guru Cops and Gurus

BiG Tips: You’ll find a lot of money, banking and finance and investing experts and advice. BiG sets them out as:

BiG’s list of Analysts and Commentators shows you experts out there who focus on financial analysis and often education often economists, financial journalists and others.

BiG’s Guru Cop lists show you the people and industry bodies who monitor or regulate people in the banking, finance, money and investing industries.

And also a lot of the ‘gurus’ in BiG’s guru lists (remember to focus on the green and yellow rated ones, avoid the red!) in Wealth, Business, Property, Shares.

Here are just a few of them and their offerings, often lots of it free, but also paid information and services.

  • Scott Pape (aka The Barefoot Investor) (Scott’s changed paths, now focusing on financial counselling, financial education in schools and not advice.)
    He explains often complex financial and investing information clearly and simply, making it sound fun and achievable.
    He used to have a membership site barefootblueprintPODCAST and the Barefoot Investor Facebook Group – no longer.
    He’s got a Free Weekly Wealth Letter, and links to previous podcasts, books and articles at  Scott Pape, the Barefoot Investor
    Check out:
    His book The Barefoot Investor – Five Steps to Financial Freedom
    His ‘serviette investing strategy’ Serviette Strategy – Bonus Report – v1.3 (1) has helped many people take hold of their finances and start investing successfully. He suggests boosting your income (e.g. promotion, extra business) and breaking down your income into 3 money buckets:
    • ‘blow’ – house, car, spending (use cash)
    • ‘mojo’ – online saver, property trust (aim 6 mths)
    • ‘grow’ – superannuation, shares, property investment (compound 7-10 yrs)
  • Aussie Firebug
  • Aussie HIFIRE


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