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Australian House Prices, Housing Booms, Busts and other Predictions

BiG Tips: Again, everyone’s an expert! It’s easy to get confused, overwhelmed and want to stick a fork in your eye reading, watching and listening to all the white noise about the “property market”, forecasts and on and on. Best to look first at what the Analysts and Commentators have to say, but of course keep in mind their biases, cred, affiliations and quality of their opinions. Many of the experts were caught off guard by the impacts of covid on housing prices, rentals and more. Here are some predictions, but which ones have or will eventuate – who knows!!

Will the housing boom be over in 2022? We ask the experts, ABC, The Business, Rhianna Whitson

Noel News 26 Jan 2022, Noel Whittaker,

Are Australian property prices heading over a cliff? The Motley Fool

The Drum:
Tread warily in the real estate war of words

No evidence of a Property bubble? Not quite

Some historical perspective – from 2010

Are we being misled over house prices?, Christopher Joye

Australia’s housing boom leaves others far behind, Christopher Joye

Record housing investment boom accelerates, Christopher Joye

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