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Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)| Online Education Centre – Courses, Blueprints…

Big Tips: The ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) has a fantastic online Education Centre with heaps of FREE material for all investors – beginners, intermediate and experienced:
Have fun with their Sharemarket Game They say: “…we are excited to work with a new content partner Equity Mates Media… the #1 finance and investing brand for young and early investors. Through this partnership we will be able to deliver insightful content about investing to Game participants. This will include:
Regular podcasts and newsletters,
Information about investment strategies, and
Insights on market trends and macro-economic market updates.”
Their resources include:
Get started in shares
Share market basics
Getting into the share market (You Tube)
Marcus Padley’s blueprint for sharemarket beginners
Your investment strategy

Their Online courses are free, “you can start anytime:

  • Shares – Our most popular course. Covers shares, analysis techniques and strategies.
  • Bonds and hybrids – Learn about securing a regular income stream from bonds and hybrid
  • Australian Government Bonds – Find out about one of the lowest-risk investments available
  • Exchange-traded funds and exchange-traded products – Learn how to build a portfolio with a single trade. Updated course now covers fixed income ETFs
  • Warrants and instalments – Learn about using leverage to boost returns and dividends
  • Options – Discover how to magnify profits or protect your portfolio
  • Advancing in options Explore multi-legged strategies (for investors with experience in options)
  • Futures Learn about leveraged trading over a range of assets”


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