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You’ll find some great podcasts, blogs, forums, social media groups, apps, publications, resources and freebies to check out
in BiG’s five investing areas, Analysts and Commentators and Guru Cops. Here are some of them, plus more, 

Ancillary Money and investing businesses and comparison sites

As you build a better life finding Analysts and Commentators and other experts (‘gurus’ we call them) in Wealth, Business, Property, Shares, You, other (ancillary) professions you’ll often also need are:

  • accountants
  • conveyancers
  • financial planners
  • finance providers, mortgage brokers
  • outsourcing services – IT services, virtual assistants,
  • people who source property (such as developers, and real estate agents, buyer’s agents)
  • property and strata managers
  • quantity surveyors
  • real estate agents and buyer’s agents
  • stock brokers

Providers are specifically listed here if:

  • BiG or its subscribers have used and received great service from them, and
  • They’ve paid to advertise here

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