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BiG Guide#4.1 Share Investing| How to get started investing in shares

In Guide #1.1 Wealth Creation | How to assess your financial position, make a budget, and manage your money – you see how much information is around to help you manage your money.  There are even more people around wanting to advise you and help you spend your money!

The value to beginner investors (investing 101/Investing for dummies!) is in making the complex world of investing simple. As The Barefoot Investor does with managing money: daily spend = direct debit and dollars; saving =3 buckets – easy!

In our BiG Guide #4.1 Share Investing How to get started investing in shares– we focus on how you choose and buy shares. To keep it simple:

  1. Why invest in shares?
  2. What are your investment choices?
  3. How do you buy shares, gold etc?

Mark Bouris tells a story about seeking finance from Kerry Packer and the hopes and dreams of home owners.

We show you some stockmarket ideas, strategies and tools from the ASX, Alan Kohler, The Barefoot Investor, Roger Montgomery, Dale Gilham and others.

Hope you’re enjoy BiG and our Guides.

Next week BiG Guide #3.1 Property Investing| How to get started investing in real estate

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