Day15 of BiG’s 30 Day Bucket List Investing Challenge


How to choose a financial adviser you can trust
Part 5
Less regulated advisers

Today let’s look at investment ‘experts’ who aren’t licensed financial planners, nor who BiG calls analysts and commentators, but still advise on how to invest your time and money.
Advice on building wealth, a business, or investing in real estate, shares commodities, gold, foreign currencies and more.
Gurus too, who promise to help you find meaning in your life, build the right mindset, set goals, mentors, coaches and more.

In the Challenge you’ve learnt:

  • how to assess your current financial position
  • goal setting and bucket lists tips, tools and hacks
  • investing choices and strategies, and
  • how to find financial advisers and resources in the finance and investment industries
  • how to find investment analysts and commentators who can put you on paths that are more focussed and strategic, whether you’re:
    • Interested in finance, business, superannuation or the stock market
      Analysts and guru cops such as: ASIC’s MoneySmart, Alan Kohler, Scott Pape, Paul Clithero, Robert Gottliebsen, Noel Whittaker, Warren Buffet, Mark Bouris, Phil Ruthven, Bernard Salt and many others – who help by educating, commenting or analysing data.
    • Interested in property investing
      Analysts and guru cops such as: ASIC’s MoneySmart, Real, Margaret Lomas, Monique Wakelin, Peter Koulizos, ‘Real estate investment info Australia’ and many others. So that rather than aimlessly devouring weekend real estate sections, articles, magazines or websites, forums and blogs, you can stop wasting precious time and search with more direction and focus.

But while you’re searching online for lifestyle, money, business and investing tips or help, you’ll come across other ‘experts’ – that BiG calls ‘Gurus’.
Often they’re not qualified in financial analysis, education or psychology, but they claim that by using their products or services, you’re guaranteed to change your life and get the life of your dreams.
Often they denigrate ‘experts’ and formal qualifications, proud of their tough upbringing and self made success. Claiming that their knowledge, experience and success mean that only they can understand and help you.

Money can’t buy you love, happiness etc

Say lots of people

…but it can give you financial independence, more flexibility and lifestyle choices – become financially independent and retire early (FIRE), work less, change the world…

The clearer you are on what you’re searching for (in life and online), the better your results will be.
Have you thought about where you’re at in life, money and investing? Do you have to, or want to:

  • learn about money – managing and investing it
  • teach your kids about money – managing and investing it
  • buy a home
  • change careers
  • set up a plan to retire early
  • start investing
  • review your investments
  • get a better handle on your superannuation
  • start your own SMSF

Over 30 years ago while I was asking these questions and looking for investing help, before the internet was popular, or even invented – options were limited to infomercials, books, seminars, or accountants.

But NOW – just do a search and a ‘guru’ will appear.

BEWARE – many are master marketers and before you know it they’ll have your email address and you’ll be a subscriber. Usually free at first, then groomed to paid or a membership.

Don’t waste your precious time with spam or junk emails, or from gurus or those who might not have the best investment advice available, or for you and your circumstances.

My inbox overflows daily with hundreds of emails from the analysts, commentators and ‘Gurus’– so yours doesn’t!
I sort through them, list them, show you their claims and rate as many as possible, so you can decide more quickly and easily whether or not you’re interested in them. 

Your task/s:

Take a look at who BiG calls Gurus in finance and investing in wealth creationbusinesspropertyshares and you.

Love to get your feedback. Email me or leave a comment (below) on any experts you use, anyone listed or not.

I’d be delighted if you find BiG and my work helpful, and share it with friends, family and others who want to grow their life, money and investing skills.

All the very best with yours.


What’s up next?:

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