Day 19 of BiG’s 30 Day Bucket List Investing Challenge


Who are the best investment gurus?
Part 4
Choose a Guru


Have you ever felt out of control, drowning as you try to find someone to trust in the tsunami of choices of information and advice out in the world of finance ?

only 8% of people make it financially
Noel Whittaker ‘Making Money Made Simple’

Don’t be one of the 92% of people who don’t make it financially and don’t fall for 2 common investing traps:

Investing overwhelm

It’s a common syndrome, you abandon your investing goals, or maybe the BiG Challenge – don’t, there is hope.

Now isn’t the time to just flick through the business or real estate sections of the weekend papers, or to watch the final episode Game of Thrones … anything but actually committing to the laborious, scary world of investing.

It isn’t rocket science, It’s easy to get bogged down, but often the best investment gurus can help make the complex less threatening.

If investing is too daunting for you, or if you haven’t got time to do it yourself, get an expert to help or do it for you.

Fear of making mistakes or bad decisions

You may turn to the first guru you find for investing advice, or friends, relatives, acquaintances or taxi drivers! Wherever you get your advice, don’t waste your time on it if it doesn’t help you succeed. Take a tip from Steve Jobs…

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life

Listen to or read Job’s 3 stories in his speech to Stanford graduates in 2005


What will you spend your precious time and money on, to change and improve your life or financial situation?

What have you got to lose by spending some time looking at all the investing resources in BiG and elsewhere?

Do some research, find the best experts in Wealth, Business, Property and Shares – just like when you’re shopping for any product or service. Same with investing advice.

Search Google or elsewhere on the internet to help you find, compare and rate information. Don’t despair if you’ve followed a guru who hasn’t worked out, there are lots of good ones out there.

Your task/s:

    Get ready for the next series in the BiG Challenge “Time to invest – just do it.”
    Helping you focus your time and energy and really get moving and taking some substantial steps to invest, in something.

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    All the very best with your life, money and investing.


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