Days 27 and 28 of BiG’s 30 Day Bucket List Investing Challenge

Rest, Review and Reflect

26 Days done. You’ve earned your time for a catch up.

You’re on the home stretch – fantastic work.

Are you exhausted from investment shopping from Day 26?

Or maybe you’re still mustering up the courage to take the plunge or it isn’t quite the time yet and you’re working on getting your finances in a better place.

Wherever you’re at – welcome and well done you again for making it this far in the Challenge.

So much to learn, so much to do – but you CAN do it.

Revisit the Challenge Days you might have skipped or stalled on. Have a wander around BiG and explore the resources there that might help answer any questions or overcome speed humps.

You’ve got this.

Have a wander around BiG and explore the resources there that might help answer any questions or speed humps you’ve got.

See you in Day 29.

As always, I’d be delighted if you find my work helpful and share it and BiG with friends and family.

Again, if you’ve got any general queries (remember I’m not a financial expert so can’t offer any specific advice), but if I can clarify or direct you somewhere – I’d be happy to via the BiG chat box or by email.

All the very best with your life, money and investing.


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