Days 6, 7 and 8 of BiG’s 30 Day Bucket List Investing Challenge

Rest, Review and Reflect

Over the past 5 Days there’s been a lot for you to learn, absorb and reflect on.

I hope you’ve gained some insights into what motivates and interests you in the world of money and investing. And got some ideas on your life path.

Catch up on any of the days where life might have taken over, and you didn’t make the day.

Get onto your Worksheets – it’s all about you!

Have a wander around BiG and explore the resources that could help answer your questions, or help you with any blocks.

I look forward to seeing you at Day 9.

I’d be delighted if you find my work helpful and share it and BiG with friends and family.

All the very best with your life and investing.



As always, if you’ve got any general queries (remember I’m not a financial expert and don’t give specific financial advice),
but if I can clarify or direct you somewhere – I’d be happy to.
So hop onto the BiG chat box or email me.


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