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BiG Tips: So many to choose from! Take a look at Business Grus and Analysts and Commentators to see if any appeal, you use or you could avoid. Have a go at our 30 Day Investing Challenge, it will give you ideas on getting started and who can help.
Here ae a few:

Flying Solo The weekly podcast for those going solo in business 

Business Builders, David Koch

Business Addicts  they say “is a collaboration between Loren Bartley from Impactiv8 and Fiona Redding from The Happiness Hunter…. Our podcast is for anyone that is addicted to business. We aim to help you as a fellow Business Addict build a business that supports a life that you love, rather than a business that controls your life! We achieve this by providing a balance of strategies, tips and tools that will help both feed and manage your business addiction.  We feed your addiction by providing valuable content that will help improve your business and we help manage your addiction by providing equally valuable content that will help you better manage your life so that your business addiction doesn’t spiral out of control!

… Our guests will share their stories, provide advice and inspire you to better manage your life as a proud Business Addict….

Throughout each episode we share the ups and downs that come with being a Business Addict. We are certain that our stories will resonate with you and you will realise that you are not alone…”

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