An investing story …

So here I am pottering around finding the best investment people and stuff I can – for  you guys! Property investing strategies and hot spots, tips for starting a business, how to set up your share portfolio, best superannuation funds, and pressing the flesh with the likes of Randi Zuckerberg (feature photo) trying to find gurus – for you!

I come across Mark Bouris’s latest venture the Eagle’s Nest and write a Blog post on it to help entrepreneurs avoid the perils of the Shark Tank! Basically he’s generously extending support to start ups – offering mentoring and feedback if you pitch your business to him. A $10,000 prize, but even better, some words of wisdom and business help from one of BiG’s legendary green gurus!

Then I figure, why not submit my own You Tube video, heaven knows my little website could do with a little professional direction.

Bugger me dead! Last night I get an email from Mr Bouris’s production manager asking me to resend my video (I hadn’t worked out that You Tube uploads have to be made ‘public’!).

I resend it – within half an hour I get a reply saying I’ll be one of the features in Thursday’s (today’s) podcast. WTF!?

So I don’t know when or how this little moment will happen. I don’t know what Mr B is going to say about my business and little video (filmed on my iPhone, strapped with electrical tape onto the arms of a Yoda desk clock for stability – on top of my TV!).

So whatever you do – DON’T LISTEN TO his PODCAST or watch my video  because I have no idea what he’s going to say, and my video is, hmmm, very agricultural (as my dear Dad would say).

If you don’t listen to my advice and do listen or watch – I hope you get a bit of a laugh!

Look out for my next post (I’m toying with ‘Tourettes Tuesday’ how interest rates impact on your investments).

Enjoy you’re day and as always, all the very best with your investing.


The Bucket List Investing Chick!

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